Michael Jackson’s Doctor Rant

With a medical doctor being ‘done’ for manslaughter for injecting drugs that any doctor in the US or UK would use how can I not have a rant.

Although I am extremely happy that the dangers of pain killers is being highlighted I am disappointed with the verdict of the Judge. This MD was doing what thousands of others do every day, yet because he injected into Pop Mega Star Michael Jackson he is being put in prison, while thousands go free to continue their practice.

Now I’m not saying doctors are knowingly injecting highly dangerous drugs, no, what I’m saying is that they are plain ignorant of it. What the Judge should have done is launch an investigation into the whole misguided practice of ‘pain relief’ medicine, to try and save future lives.

I only hope that medical doctors around the world will sit up and take note that what they are doing really is dangerous and deadly and they really should have a look at alternatives.

Let’s see what happens shall we?

Dr Chris Pickard

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