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Happy World Freedom Day

Happy World Freedom Day

This is an email I sent to patients today (9/11/16)

Yes, it really is World Freedom Day. (..and health freedom for you if you keep reading)

It was mentioned on ClassicFM this morning, and along with Trump winning the US election, and the recent UK Brexit vote and it started me thinking.

…and then I listened to my favourite morning motivation – Pete Cohen at and he had made me think even more.

Pete said that nothing you can do today will change the outcome of the two recent votes.

Life isn’t about what happens outside of us, it’s what we choose to do with these ‘happenings’ that determines our future.

Today you can choose to ‘Vote for Yourself’, you can grab your own headlines.

…and so I thought, ‘What is my manifesto, what would I do if I had millions of pounds to run for office?’

This made me realise that my manifesto needs no multi-million pound campaign.  I can start right now.

You see, what I want, is to make my community the healthiest, happiest place to live in Great Britain.  I want to make Great Britain the healthiest, happiest country in the world.  I want the World to take note, and become a healthier, happier planet for my children to enjoy.

At the moment in the UK, our amazing NHS is under crippling pressure, and prescriptions for anti-depressants and mood altering drugs is spiralling upwards out of control.  We are getting sicker and less happy.

But do you know what the shocking truth is?

About 50% of everyone depending on expensive medication could be off it in 6 months with just one change!  One FREE change.

This would mean in one year the entire health of the nation would be vastly improved, the NHS saved, and more able to cope with emergencies, which would make us all happier.

So, would you like to know what that one change is?

A change that can improve heart disease, diabetes and dementia?

A change that alters DNA and decreases cancer risks?

A change that can lead to permanent fat loss, better moods, clearer thinking and less pain?

All you have to do is make a choice that will change your life for the better, forever.

I’m already sharing this patients this week as I learned of new discoveries this weekend, but I’m going to get very public about it, especially if you decide to help me save the NHS.

For 7 weeks, every week day, from next Monday, I’ll be doing a ‘Live’ broadcast:

You don’t have to wait until Monday though, as you can get onto Facebook today as I start sharing my NHS-M:  National Health Saving Manifesto, later today – 2pm.

I also plan to hold a talk in Brookmans Park within the next 4 weeks, going into detail on the ‘one change’.

For now, get onto Facebook and tell your family and friends it’s time to vote for themselves.

Look out for another email on Friday from me.

Be Well

01707 662 704

How To Choose The ‘Right Diet’ to be Healthy

My 3 Step Plan To Healthy Eating

Because we all have different needs, different personalities, different genetics, different activities etc. there is no such thing as a single ‘best diet’.  As we change with time, so should our choice of food.

Here are the three things that will help you the most:

  1. Know your blood group
  2. Know your metabolic type
  3. Understand your brain chemistry

You don’t have to know your blood group to do steps 2 and 3, there is no order. It’s just if you know all three you will be able to select a much more specific set of foods and eating habits that will give you life long healthy results.

Here are some videos that go into more depth, and if you want more personal help then apply to my EPIC Health Coaching

Blood Group Diet: Eat Right 4 Your Type Review

 Metabolic Typing Review

Review of The Edge Effect by Dr Eric Braverman

There are more refinements, which I will cover in EPIC Health.

Survive or Thrive in 2015

Do you want to thrive in 2015, or are you content to just survive?

For the Genius test and Passion Test and more about Roger James Hamilton. Sign up, take the Masterplan Test, and you’ll get links to the others

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Will Texting Shorten Your Life?

You may have seen some headlines recently about texting being a possible health hazard, but why is this?

It’s all to do with one of the Golden Rules of Health – Keep Good Posture.

Texting, like reading books, sitting at computers, driving etc, encourages poor posture, and as you can tell we already have enough things causing us to slouch.

And poor posture compresses the lungs, heart, stomach and puts damaging pressure on the spinal cord.  It is all of these that combine to cause an early death.

I expand upon this in my video inspired by a chapter in Brett Hill’s book, ‘How to Eat an Elephant’, and if you really want to know more, then download my Posture Report – Click Here

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The Rules of Health No 3 – Hydration

“Water is a basic nutrient for the human body and is critical to human life. It supports the digestion of food, absorption, transportation and use of nutrients and the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body”.
Professor Jamie Bartram of the World Health Organisation

how much water do you need to drink
Me – hydrating in Turkey

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and by some amazing coincidence your body is made of 70% water too.

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Good Posture: Rule Number One For Good Health

The Benefits of Good Posture

The following came from a friends website:

Good Posture and Success in the Business World

Harvard Business School recently distributed an article entitled, “The Power of Posture” stating that your stance, broadly speaking, signals to the world how energetic, confident, and powerful you are. Slumped shoulders, a slow pace, and a sagging belly are taken by the world to mean that you lack confidence, that you don’t have much energy, and that you are probably less important, successful, and powerful as a result.

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Walking Is The Ultimate Exercise

Physical exercise in general has a number of benefits for the health of your body:-

  • improves circulation, improves heart efficiency and maintains artery elasticity
  • tones respiratory muscles, improving exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • aids elimination of toxic and metabolic wastes by promoting perspiration and intestinal motility
  • stimulates endorphin release in the brain, fighting depression and improving our mood
  • regulates metabolism
  • neutralises stress
  • enhances immune function

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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Rant

With a medical doctor being ‘done’ for manslaughter for injecting drugs that any doctor in the US or UK would use how can I not have a rant.

Although I am extremely happy that the dangers of pain killers is being highlighted I am disappointed with the verdict of the Judge. This MD was doing what thousands of others do every day, yet because he injected into Pop Mega Star Michael Jackson he is being put in prison, while thousands go free to continue their practice.Continue reading