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Great for sitting on, to help nourish your discs, and also to stand on to improve balance:

A different version for improving posture and your discs:

Children’s Version:

Anti-burst Gym Ball, great for many rehab exercises, core strength, spinal flexibility, and even just for sitting on:

Home therapy neck traction:

Improve your neck health:

Back stretching if you have not got the room for a gym ball:

Infrared sauna to aid detox and energy:

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First, a word of warning about supplements –

Never buy supplements from Amazon or Ebay!  There have been cases of people buying counterfeit products with dangerous ingredients used as fillers.  This is because Amazon and Ebay can not monitor all of their private sellers.

If you are seriously ill, or are after optimal health and longevity then seek professional advice.

One of the main companies we use is Nutri-Advanced, primarily as they bring in Metagenics products form the USA that are the premier Functional Nutrition company.

This means the highest quality products, researched to do what they claim to do.

In order to buy products direct from NutiAdvaanced  you will have to enter my practitioner code 228 587.

Please click on the relevant supplement category link below for our recommendations and where to buy (you can always call us direct on 01707 662 704

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