How Spinal Therapy Can Help Headaches

Constant headaches are a common problem and many of our patients first visit our clinic with this exact issue. Headaches can be debilitating for those that. Our whole ethos is around treating our patients naturally, getting to the route problem and coming up with a comprehensive plan to treat the cause of these headaches naturally.

We start this process through consultation and we are so confident that we can help our patients that if we don’t believe we can help then your consultation is FREE! So you really have nothing to lose by coming to see us.

Our main form of treatment is spinal manipulation, but we do have a range of other natural treatments available, we will always discuss with you the best way to move forward for you, ensuring that you are comfortable and fully informed about what we advise. This is your treatment plan after all!

Headache and Migraine Cures

If you suffer from chronic stress headaches, or debilitating migraines and you’re sick and tired of taking drugs like paracetamol or migraleve, or they just don’t work then I have some solutions for you, no matter what your level of pain, or how long or often you suffer from headaches and migraines.

You might not necessarily think of seeing a spinal therapy for headaches, but there is a lot that we can do to help. We are highly trained and knowledgeable in this area and have been seeing patients at our North London clinics with this exact issue for years.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. The numbers of people that suffer from headaches every year are staggering.

Headaches and migraines have many underlying causes, from food allergies and chemical sensitivities, hormonal imbalances to simple dehydration and most doctors just don’t have the time to investigate all these different causes.

The most common causes of headaches and migraines are the neck and the jaw – even if you have no neck or jaw pain.

And this is the problem. If you don’t have obvious neck or jaw problems you may never seek help to get them fixed and while dangerous drugs like paracetamol and nurofen can deaden nerves, so you don’t feel the pain, they can never realign the jaw or move a stiff, distorted spine.

The spine and the jaw are rich in nerves, and even tiny problem can excite a lot of nerves. And the longer the problem has been there, the more likely it is to cause symptoms.

Spinal Distortions and Jaw Problems

So where do spinal distortions and jaw problems come from?

Well the jaw is easy to explain – its’ most likely the way it grew – did you have to wear braces as a kid, or have teeth out due to overcrowding? Have you had your wisdom teeth out, or ever had a root canal? All these are clues towards your jaw being the culprit, and we know how to detect it and even treat it without dentistry.

What about spinal problems?

Spinal distortions can happen suddenly as a result of accidents and injuries. The obvious one is past whiplash injuries from car accidents. It can take up to 16 years for pain to become present from even a 5mph impact. Even more minor injuries add up – for instance have you ever fallen off a chair, or tripped missing a step at the edge of a curb.

A second BIG impact on spinal distortion is your postural habits. Most people crane their head forward when sitting at the computer – you’re probably doing it now – also when driving, when washing up at a sink, when doing the ironing. The worse thing is – you’ve been doing it since you where 5 years old and where told to ‘sit still’ at school. Childhood posture, accidents and injuries – even the birth process itself could be the original trauma that has caused your headaches today.

There are other hidden causes of spinal rot and chronic postural distortion, including, over time a lack of nutrients – I mean look at what osteoporosis does – it crumbles the spine and causes a stoop….. but don’t worry it’s even possible to help people with osteoporosis and arthritis.

If you are suffering with headaches of any nature, then pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment with a spinal therapist.

Testimonial from a patient I treated for Migraines

Maria was suffering from headaches for about 30 years which were then evolving into migraines. This caused her to feel rough pretty much all the time.

She came to our clinic and thanks to some treatments we did, she now feels like someone’s released a valve in her head and is pain free !!

Before coming to the clinic, Maria felt sceptical about how can anything could possibly help her. Now she is happy and feels like she’s making changes for the long term.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches

Many people don’t realise how powerful chiropractic can be for treating headaches and migraines

As chiropractic treatments typically involve the manipulation, moving and stretching of the spine, not many people know that it can help to deal with headaches too. When you improve the alignment of the bones in your neck, the pressure that causes headaches will be relieved.

Chiropractic treatments for headaches will involve the following


Spinal Adjustments


Soft tissue therapy


Exercises to help correct your posture


Referral to other medical professionals if necessary

Start your journey to a migraine-free life today !

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