About Dr Pickard

My main mission is to inspire people to take ‘self-health’ seriously, and see achieving optimal health as part of their Social Responsibility for a sustainable, peaceful planet Earth.

Here’s how it came about…

Growing up in the 70’s with an atheist astronomer as a father and a caring active Christian as a mother, I grew up being influenced by both science and religion.

So the stories of both Jesus, and Newton influenced me from a young age.

However, I also wanted a suit like Iron Man (and I still do) and to make people laugh like Rowen Atkinson.

When I got older I resonated with the ‘Love and Peace’ message of the hippies, thanks mainly to the music of the Beatles.

…and then my parents discovered Transcendental Meditation (the same as the form taught to the Beatles) and after checking out that it was not a cult, decided us kids should learn it too.

Thus, by the age of 17 I was regularly practicing a skill that is now recommended by many of the world’s top business leaders and coaches to promote wellness at work and improve personal productivity.

It was about this age I realised I wanted to go into a form of health care – chiropractic, because it had helped both my mother and I overcome hay fever (yes, that’s right, sometimes allergies can have odd causes).

As a chiropractor I learned that the spine and nervous system can have a tremendous impact on general health, but I knew I wanted to do as much as could for everyone I met, so I also studied nutrition and recommended exercises, and learned a thing or 2 about psychology too.

Then one day I met life coach and sports psychologist, Pete Cohen (you can Google him, and find plenty of books by him on Amazon), and Pete told me the story of his wife, Hannah.

Hannah had been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer, and there was nothing that could be done in the UK. Instead of giving up, Pete and Hannah searched the world for people who had actually survived this specific cancer, to see if there was any common treatment. It turned out there was – but they had to go to the USA, and trust in an experimental, expensive, and still controversial therapy.

The therapy worked, but the cancer came back. Hannah underwent the therapy again, got good results, but the cancer came back once more. Then it was while awaiting yet another round of the treatment Hannah and Pete were told of another doctor (actually a chiropractor who had studied nutrition) that would help Hannah’ s body itself become much healthier and resist the return of cancer.

That man was Dr Bob Rakowski, of Houston, Texas, and the detoxification and health building protocols he put Hannah on seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle, as 6 years on Hannah is cancer free, and thriving.

Needless to say, I wanted to learn more from Dr Bob.

Over the next year I worked with Pete, got to know Hannah a little via phone and Facebook, and learned some of Dr Bob’s protocols. Then in a lovely day in a garden in Finchley I got to actually meet Hannah and Dr Bob in person. From the big hug that I gave Hannah and Dr Bob on first meeting them Dr Bob humbled me by telling me what a ‘wonderful, warm human being’ I was. This term has stuck in my mind ever since.

First of all I thought about living up to that title every day as best I could, but soon I started to think, ‘wouldn’t it be great if EVERYBODY was a wonderful warm human being’, and ‘how can I help everybody be wonderful warm human beings, and healthy ones too?’.

While we know the brain can be the source of many ‘body’ problems, does it go the other way?

From a nutrition perspective we know that various deficiencies are related to increased violence, depression, and other forms of mental decline and behaviour issues. From an environmental perspective we know that certain toxins are directly related to brain inflammation. We also know specific movement and neurological techniques improve brains and make them ‘happier’. Many supposed psychological issues are in fact lifestyle and nutritional problems.

My point is that 3 people can present with the same psychological diagnosis, but need 3 different approaches – e.g. 1 needs vitamins and a better diet, 1 needs to detox, and the other needs ‘therapy’.

The great thing about many of the protocols now in practice is you don’t have to have something wrong to benefit. They can be used to give you a mental and physical edge.

So as an individual health clinician, I know I can help individuals, but I wanted to be able to reach more.

Enter another mentor – Roger James Hamilton.

Roger, as well as being a hugely successful entrepreneur, is a futurist, author, business mentor, and runs an online network of 1 million entrepreneurs. His vision is to bring the entrepreneurs of the world together to make Planet Earth a better, safer, cleaner, more prosperous place.

It was while at one of Roger’s events here in the UK that I happened to bump into a guy named Paul Dunn. Paul is a multiple time TEDx speaker, and co-founder of b1g1.com an international business of giving, that helps entrepreneurs give back to the world. I was explaining to Paul that so many of the world’s poor decisions may well be coming from nutritional deficiencies and toxicities, and my work with ADHD children (I skipped that bit!) showed me so many times that behaviours is not ‘all in the head’. Paul then coaxed me into linking what I did as a practitioner to helping the world achieve peace, which as clichéd as it sounds is something I think we all need to be more active about.

With Paul’s help, I realised that by helping people achieve optimal health and brain function they are likely to make better decisions and be more at peace with themselves. If they are more at peace with themselves, they may spread the peace to others. And maybe, just maybe, some of the people I help might influence big movers and shakers in the world to start practicing what I call ‘self-health responsibility’, make better decisions, and lead the world to more peace.

So with Paul solidifying in my mind that I really can help more humans become Wonderful Warm Healthy Human Beings, and with Roger mentoring me to scale my impact, I was already feeling on track.

There’s one more addition to go though.

My coach, Pete Cohen, is a firm believer that our entire education system is outdated. Roger Hamilton believes the same, as do many billionaires and educators.

So when Tony Robbins teamed up with Dean Graziosi (Google them if you don’t know who they are) with the message that our entire education system needed to be replaced, I listened. And learned. Tony and Dean are the world’s top experts on running online and in person ‘mastermind groups’ and I’m now also lucky enough to having been in the first wave of students learning their amazing techniques and tools.

So now as well as offering the usual 1 to 1 clinical consultations, I offer online courses, and will soon be launching an online ‘health mastermind’, all aimed at creating the most wonderful, warm, healthy, you and us.

We are in this together, and I believe self-health responsibility leads to self-peace, and self-peace will help lead to world peace.

Or in the words of someone far wiser,


If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.

When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.

Be Well

Chris Pickard B.Sc, DC

If you’ve been suffering from back or neck pain, headaches or insomnia, don’t hesitate to contact us today to make an appointment.

If you’ve been suffering from back or neck pain, headaches or insomnia, don’t hesitate to contact us today to make an appointment.