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What The Rich and Famous Say About Chiropractic

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Body builders and fitness people have been using chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured.

We are a perfect team – the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors.”

Bob Hope

“Chiropractic is a wonderful means of natural healing!”

Dan O’Brien

“You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if you’re not in alignment. And your body can’t heal if your back is not in alignment. It was the holistic idea that I liked about chiropractic and that is what track and field is about.

Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another.

In track and field, it is absolutely essential.

Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted.”

Tiger Woods

“Lifting weights and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer.

I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember.
It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.”

“Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me a lot,”

“When I was in a growth spurt, my back became very sore and I was weak. My chiropractor really helped me. Not only did he adjust my spine, he also gave me strengthening exercises to do.

If you are tall and gangly, like I am, or play sports, I would recommend chiropractic.”

Evander Holyfield

“I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring.

I do believe in chiropractic.

I found that going to a chiropractor three times a week helps my performance.

The majority of boxers go to get that edge.”

What My Patients Say About Chiropractic

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Dear Chris

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided for me in the last few months.

I first attended the Pain Relief Centre with long standing lower back pain.

You took the time to actually ask me in detail about my symptoms and general health, carried out the relevant examination including a scan of my spine and explained to me in detail my problems and the treatment you recommended.

In the last few months I have seen you regularly and the simple exercises you have recommended for me combined with the treatments I receive from yourself have greatly alleviated my symptoms and improved my life.

I find it amazing that each time I visit Chris, I go in feeling very good and after each treatment go out feeling even better.

So, with my spine in line, I feel just fine. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Vishal Shah, Optometrist, Finchley

Back & Neck Pain

Dr Chris got straight to the problem with my back.

Very effective with customized exercises to do in between visits. Very proactive with advice via email, websites as well as during visits to the clinic.

Amazed by how important health in the back muscles is directly linked to overall health of the body. Certainly recommend clinic and team working there.‎

Mike, Brookmans Park

Chris has been very good over many years sorting out neck and back pains telling me how it all works what to eat and how I should train to keep fit always straight to the point of the pain I will continue to see him every month or more if need be‎.

Thomas, Butcher, Brookmans Park

Hi there, must say that Dr Chris straightened me out both physically and structurally after a fall – his spoke to me in a most pleasant manner whilst my bones were “cracked” into place – his method of contorting me into different positions worked – I heard crack, crack, crack and then felt my body relax and fall into place.

I would recommend Dr Chris and the practice to anybody who has an ailment (or even if they haven’t) because he has ways of enabling you to look after the body that you have. Would wholeheartedly recommend this clinic and its staff to all who ask!!! So ask me – please! ‎


The pain relief centre is just what it says. A very professional and friendly team with the cleanest facilities I have ever seen, including the changing rooms and gowns.

Dr Chris does only what is needed and won’t waste your time or money. Through the weekly communications available, the clinic has become a great learning resource for me. Offering advice on alternative therapies and exercises that help to repair and keep fit, well and healthy. I haven’t taken a painkiller since my first visit.‎


I first came to the Finchley Chiropractic Clinic in 1999, with upper back pain. I now come to the clinic for regular check ups as Dr Pickard deals with general lifestyle, which helps establish good habits.

I generally come in to the clinic feeling OK, am greeted without fail by friendly staff and then see Dr Pickard. His treatment is painless, and the effects are immediate, I feel benefit each time and leave feeling better than when I came in.

Stuart Scattergood, Finchley, North London

Shoulder Pain

I never believed this kind of stuff worked!! But a work colleague with really bad back problems said this “Chris Doctor” worked wonders on him and he would be the guy to fix my 2 year old shoulder problem.

Sure enough, I feel much better. You know when Chris is working on you that he knows exactly what he is doing. If you follow through with the exercises that he gives you just like he tells you, you can feel the pain go and the affected area get stronger.

You will really love his informative e-mails too which help in other general-health areas. Go for it!

Giosue, Finchley

When I came to the Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park

I was in a great deal of pain, and quite frankly very anxious as I not only had back pain, but testicular pain as well. I’d been to the hospital and they had done some tests but told me nothing.

The chiropractic clinic is very professional and Dr Chris was great.

He listened, performed a thorough examination and then proceeded to explain what was wrong.

I must admit that when I left the clinic I felt a bit negative, as I could not believe that the quick and painless (chiropractic) treatment I had received would work. The next morning though I was happily surprised. I woke up feeling a hundred times better.

Not only had the pain almost completely gone I realized that I had more energy.

One things for sure, if I ever have any pain, or any health problem, the Pain Relief Centre is the first place I’ll call.

Dr Chris was much more helpful than my doctor.

Mathew Sharp – Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

General Health

The knowledge to help myself understand my pain and deal with it.

The extra thought you put in to make my situation better overall.”

Alan Glass , producer/song writer, Barnet, North London

“..thank you for all your help in getting my life back on track…without your intervention into my health issues I know that I would not be feeling as good as I do now…”

CG, Suffolk

I have been seeing Dr Chris every month for the past few years. Apart from helping with my neck and shoulder problems he is a hive of information. I have learnt so much about healthy eating, exercise etc over the years from Dr Chris. I highly recommend him.‎

 Joan, Potters Bar

When I got low back pain in 2004 I immediately sought the help of a chiropractor, and came to the Finchley Chiropractic Clinic.

I suffered so much restriction I found it very difficult to get in and out of the bath, I couldn’t even get my socks on.

Chiropractic treatment was painless and worked immediately – I got relief from my pain and could move again.

I came originally to get out of pain but now I come back every 6 weeks to keep feeling good, as part of a healthy lifestyle and it helps my mental fitness. The night after treatment I always sleep better too!

I feel very good, my energy is very good, chiropractic does what I need.

Len Samaroo, Finchley, North London

Who would have thought I could go Ten Pin Bowling 3 times a week and compete for my County?

Living with a ‘bad’ back was something I was resigned to. Various doctors and professionals prescribed various treatments and offered advice but I never considered Chiropractic treatment until a friend recommended Dr Chris.

Now I not only live almost pain free I feel more mobile. Okay so I may get a slight twinge now and again-, but that’s generally through too much gardening or lifting, after a treatment or two this generally passes.

My monthly visits to The Pain Relief Centre keep me well and Dr Chris and his team are always at the end of the phone to help at any time.

So my advice would be don’t live with the pain, get some treatment now!

Gene Spencley, Spencley Interiors, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

The help and advice from Dr Chris Pickard has helped me to no end with my back problem that

I’ve had for more than 20 years.

Chris put me on a remedial exercise plan in the rehab gym and explained to me the importance of strong core and back muscles. One must remember, it’s no good if your chiropractor shows you exercises and then you do not do them.

Chris helped me when I had no where else to turn, awaiting long hospital appointments, or GPs prescribing creams and rest.

Chris Pickard is a very knowledgeable man in his field and I would recommend him to anyone.

Mark Wadham, Enfield, North London

I first saw Dr Pickard in December 2006 with low back pain.

I had seen chiropractors before for various other problems and have always found it helpful in keeping me pain free and mobile.

The staff at the Finchley Chiropractic Clinic are very friendly, and Dr Pickard is very approachable and listens. I am very pleased with the treatment and advice, having regular appointments every 4 weeks, chiropractic keeps me exercising at 80 years old.

Irma Mayer, Friern Barnet. North London

Dear Dr Chris,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Chris for a couple of years now and have attended his clinic for much much of that time.

I’m fit and healthy with no obvious back issues so why do I go?

Well, I want to stay that way so I can lead a fulfilling and active life for as long as possible.

Although Dr Chris helps with the CURE it is his expert knowledge and ideas regarding PREVENTION that really makes him an outstanding practitioner.

I consider my monthly visits to Dr Chris as essential as cleaning my teeth.”

David Noble – Brookmans Park, Hatfield

Dear Doc, I recently finished a course of treatments at the Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park.

On our initial consultation Chris identified the most likely cause and suggested a treatment for my foot pain.

This was a pain of “7 to 8 out of 10” ( on a subjective pain scale) , which had been present in my foot for at least a year and a half.

I had seen various health professionals mentioning this pain but with no satisfactory result. The pain reduced steadily with each visit and the treatment was fined tuned to produce the best results.

As a bonus, I think, Chris gave enthusiastic healthy living lectures while I was being treated and could not get away, which I concluded was a good thing.

It recently occurred to me that I no longer have this pain, which was quite a revelation after having it for so long.

I will readily recommend Chris and The Pain Relief Centre as it does what it says on the packet and more.

Chris Christou, The Virginia Bush Garden Company, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

“Through being physically more relaxed and supple, my general approach to life has changed too: becoming more positive and generally healthier.” “Relief of considerable pain”

“Having things explained so that I could understand”

“The general feeling of well-being after treatments”

“Your whole well-being is taken into consideration”

“Less stressed”

“Honest professional opinion”

“Listening to me”

“I don’t get so down with my self”

“…achieved the result I needed”.

C Wing, Reflexologist, London N16

Disc Problems

Before consulting Dr Pickard at the Pain Relief Centre for my upper back pain I was sceptical of chiropractic.

As nothing else was helping though, I thought I would give it a go. Well, chiropractic turned out to be more helpful than I expected.

Not only does chiropractic care allow me to get on with no suffering, I now have more energy.

Other benefits I have gained from coming to the Pain Relief Centres are learning about posture and diet, which makes me feel more in control of my health.

Rosemary Oxley, London Colney, Herts

Professional advice, professional care, and friendly atmosphere.

I had serious problems with my back and I’ve been on the point of have surgery…but after been seeing Dr Pickard from about 1 year ago, my health is very much improved, and more important with the right treatment my back is fully restored !!!

Top class clinic for back pain, Thanks a lot.‎

Luigi, Electrician, Finchley

“…being free from pain has enabled me to do the things I enjoy doing i.e. gardening, playing tennis and going to the gym. I am also able to enjoy my Granddaughter more.”

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Chris Pickard on the outstanding service both myself and my partner have received though his Pain Relief Centre.

The service that we received both from Chris and his staff is unrivaled. We were always made to feel very welcome and completely set at ease.

Even though I had only a small problem that needed attention, it was treated with full professionalism and care, something that you would definitely not receive from your local GP.

Under no circumstances would I hesitate in recommending Chris to family, friends or colleagues as I am certain that the same level of service will be provided that I and Georgina received.

Matthew Pope, Business Manager, Nat West Potters Bar, Herts.

Chronic Back Pain

 I have been seeing Dr Pickard for over a year in relation to a long standing back injury. I highly recommend him as he has a great mix of warmth and professionalism, is effective, and has also given me a lot of good advice about my general health.

I currently visit about once a month for maintenance, and will continue to do so, as I can now see that Chiropractic is not just about back pain, but contributes to long term good health. I only wish I had discovered him 10 years ago! ‎

Markus, St. Albans

Dear Dr Chris,

I want to thank you for the ongoing treatment I am receiving after being diagnosed with a couple of uncomfortable medical conditions.

Your recommendations for a new fitness regime and a diagnosis for a change of diet together with your suggestions for vitamins and dietary supplements have been excellent and I am pleased to say that I am feeling better.

The resources and literature you provide at your surgery are both informative and relevant in keeping the body healthy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential clients who are in pain, because after visits to your surgery you will not only make them feel better but show them the techniques they need to adopt to increase their life expectancy.

Many thanks,

Marc Rose Wembley

Chronic Fatigue

After suffering a debilitating fatigue syndrome for many years, I was desperate for some improvement in my condition. I have been delighted that I found Dr Chris Pickard as since seeing him I have just continued to improve and improve.

I feel it is due to his excellent breadth of up to date knowledge and techniques, coupled with his caring and personal approach. The clinic itself is impeccable, warm and friendly. Whatever your health condition I would highly recommend Dr Chris Pickard before you go anywhere else.‎

Alex Rube, Finchley

Family Health

Just wanted to write a short note about Dr Chris and his excellent team both at Finchley and Brookmans Park.

I not only trusted him with my back but also my children after a car shunt left one of them with whiplash. Can’t say enough good things about them. Happily recommend them to all.

Javaid, Finchley

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