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90% of your health is determined by factors beyond medicine’s control:

Your genetic background, the healthfulness of your environment and, most importantly, how you live: what and how much you eat, your drinking and smoking habits, how much you exercise and how you relax. All play a part!

You can think of it like this – it is not so much that genes control you , but rather they are like books in a library – which ones you read are down to the choices you make.

David from Hatfield makes a great “wellness” choice each month …

“Dear Dr Chris,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Chris for a couple of years now and have attended his clinic for much much of that time.

I’m fit and healthy with no obvious back issues so why do I go? Well, I want to stay that way so I can lead a fulfilling and active life for as long as possible. Although Dr Chris helps with the CURE it his expert knowledge and ideas regarding PREVENTION that really makes him an outstanding practitioner. I consider my monthly visits to Dr Chris as essential as cleaning my teeth.”


David Noble – Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire


Establishing and maintaining optimum health and balance. Wellness is a state of being healthy, characterised by positive emotion, thought and action. Wellness is inherent in everyone, no matter what disease(s) are being experienced. If wellness is really recognised and experienced by an individual, it will more quickly heal a given disease than direct treatment of the disease alone.

The Healing Power of Nature

Nature acts powerfully through healing mechanisms in the body and mind to maintain and restore health. We will work to restore and support these inherent systems by using methods and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

First, Do No Harm

Chiropractors prefer non-invasive treatments which minimize the risks of harmful side effects. We are trained to know which patients we can treat safely and which need to be referred to other health care practitioners for acute care.

Doctor as Teacher

The original meaning of the word ‘doctor’ is teacher. A principle objective of wellness care is to educate the patient and emphasize self -responsibility for health. Chiropractors also recognise and employ the therapeutic potential of the doctor- patient relationship.

Find the Cause

Every illness has an underlying cause, often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual. Wellness chiropractors are trained to find and fix the underlying cause of a disease, whether it is by removing something harmful, or adding something beneficial.

Treat the Whole Person

Health or disease comes from a complex interaction of physical. emotional, dietary, genetic, environment, lifestyle and other factors. Wellness chiropractors treat the whole person, taking these factors into account.

Preventative Medicine

Most people would agree that prevention is better than cure. It follows that the best approach to health care is to prevent the chronic degenerative diseases that ‘plague’ western society. Our patients are taught the principles by which they can live a healthy life and by following these principles, they can prevent major illnesses.

Which is most important, your Teeth or your Spine?

Tooth decay is well established before the first warning signs of pain. By the time it hurts damage has been done. With so much information about dental health most people nowadays would agree tha dental check ups are a “good” idea. If sometimes a little painful.

Similarly spinal ‘decay’ may have a significant effect on your health before you feel pain. How much more important is it to have your spine checked than your teeth. Teeth chew food. The spine however, does a lot more…


The scientific name given to the collective processes that enable your body to stay alive in an ever changing environment. In other words the systems that keep your body in balance.

The nervous system is the main controller of homeostasis and is housed in the skull and spinal column.

Millions of instructions flow from your brain down the spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue.

Signals sent back to the brain confirm if your body is working correctly.

Great until it goes wrong…Subluxations!

Improper motion or alignment of the bones of the spine can interfere with this vital exchange, irritating nerves and compromising the function of attached organs and tissues.

Chiropractors call these misalignment’s ‘subluxations’. Specific chiropractic adjustments help restore normal mind/body communications. Health will often return with improved nervous system control.

Pain Relief and Wellness

In summary chiropractic works because you are a self healing, self regulative organism, controlled by your nervous system.

Now it is very important for you to know that not all subluxations are equal. Some are painful and these are the easiest to deal with.

If a person is in pain generally they will be motivated to have treatment.

More sinister are those subluxations that cause no pain, but like the bulk of an iceberg are there just waiting to cause a problem without the prior warning of pain.

The only way to know if you have, or someone you know has, a subluxation is to have an examination by a qualified practitioner a specialist in backs.

If you are in pain please call your nearest Pain Relief Centre and make an appointment. We promise to deal with and relieve your pain first before we help you to stay out of pain and into wellness.

If you are in pain please call us and make an appointment. We promise to deal with and relieve your pain first before we help you to stay out of pain and into wellness.

Pain Free Patients Testimonials

Dr Chris got straight to the problem with my back.

Very effective with customized exercises to do in between visits. Very proactive with advice via email, websites as well as during visits to the clinic.

Amazed by how important health in the back muscles is directly linked to overall health of the body. Certainly recommend clinic and team working there.‎

Mike, Brookmans Park

Chris has been very good over many years sorting out neck and back pains telling me how it all works what to eat and how I should train to keep fit always straight to the point of the pain I will continue to see him every month or more if need be‎.

Thomas, Butcher, Brookmans Park

Hi there, must say that Dr Chris straightened me out both physically and structurally after a fall – his spoke to me in a most pleasant manner whilst my bones were “cracked” into place – his method of contorting me into different positions worked – I heard crack, crack, crack and then felt my body relax and fall into place.

I would recommend Dr Chris and the practice to anybody who has an ailment (or even if they haven’t) because he has ways of enabling you to look after the body that you have. Would wholeheartedly recommend this clinic and its staff to all who ask!!! So ask me – please! ‎


The pain relief centre is just what it says. A very professional and friendly team with the cleanest facilities I have ever seen, including the changing rooms and gowns.

Dr Chris does only what is needed and won’t waste your time or money. Through the weekly communications available, the clinic has become a great learning resource for me. Offering advice on alternative therapies and exercises that help to repair and keep fit, well and healthy. I haven’t taken a painkiller since my first visit.‎


I first came to the Finchley Chiropractic Clinic in 1999, with upper back pain. I now come to the clinic for regular check ups as Dr Pickard deals with general lifestyle, which helps establish good habits.

I generally come in to the clinic feeling OK, am greeted without fail by friendly staff and then see Dr Pickard. His treatment is painless, and the effects are immediate, I feel benefit each time and leave feeling better than when I came in.

Stuart Scattergood, Finchley, North London

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