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Pregnancy Back Pain Relief


At the Pain Relief Centres in Brookmans Park and Finchley we have been experts in pregnancy back pain relief for over 10 years.  Chris Pickard DC has actually been helping expectant mums get through their pregnancy back pain since 1995, and helped his own wife through two pregnancies and births (the first in 2001).

Before you seek pregnancy back pain relief via chiropractic either in Finchley or our Potters Bar / Hatfield centre, you may have a few questions, so please call us on 01707 662 if the following FAQ sections is not enough…

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnancy back pain relief?

There are no known problems with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. All chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant. Most chiropractors have helped women with back pain through pregnancy.

How does chiropractic help give pregnancy back pain relief?

During pregnancy, there are several physiological and hormonal changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby. The following changes could result in a misaligned spine or joints:

  • Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
  • Pelvic changes
  • Postural adaptations

Establishing pelvic balance and spinal alignment is the major key chiropractic care during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Many women seek chiropractic care to relieve neck or back pain that can result from weight gain and altered biomechanics during pregnancy. But even if you’re not in pain, you can benefit from visiting a chiropractor

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, other than providing back pain relief include:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing the time of labour and delivery
  • Relieving neck pain and headaches
  • When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint. A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery. This can affect the mother’s ability to have a natural, non-invasive birth.
  • The nervous system is the master communication system to all the body systems including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively.

If you want to know if any scientific studies have been done you can read more here:


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