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What Conditions Do We Treat?

As Functional Health Specialists we can help a wide range of ailments but the most common problems that people come to see us for are:

Back Pain Man with shoulder pain

Any kind of pain can have a real negative impact on day-to-day life. We focus on getting to the source of the pain and coming up with a plan to get you pain free rather than simply masking it.

Headaches and Migraines

There are many reasons why people suffer with headaches and migraines and they can vary from an occasional annoyance to constant debilitating episodes. If you suffer with headaches, we can help.

Neck Pain

Another common complaint is neck pain; this can occur in various places on the neck and if left un-treated can lead to other issues. There are lots of different causes of neck pain and we will identify the cause and recommend treatment accordingly.

Chiropractic and Children

A controversial subject maybe, but we strongly believe that Chiropractic care can be of great benefit to children, there are many case studies and a number of larger investigations (particularly in Germany) that would seem to confirm this.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Pregnancy and back pain don’t have to go hand in hand! It is completely safe to see a chiropractor for help if you are suffering; we are specifically trained to work with pregnant women.

Shoulder Injuries

The four most common shoulder problems we see in the clinic are frozen Shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, instability and shoulder arthritis.

Other Therapies

We also look after stress, diet, nutrition and weight loss.

We offer a range of other treatments in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Click on the links in the menu above to see the other natural pain relief therapies that we offer.

Whatever your complaint, if you are suffering from pain of any kind then give us a ring on 01707 662 704 to book a consultation with us. If we don’t believe that we can help you, then your consultation is completely free. So you have absolutely nothing to lose, except the pain!

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