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How Spinal Therapy Can Help Low Back Pain

How to Finally Fix Disc Pain and Sciatica

Many of our patients first visit our Hertfordshire clinic complaining of back pain, it’s something that can be life changing for those suffering. Our whole ethos is around treating our patients naturally, getting to the route problem and coming up with a comprehensive plan to treat the cause of back pain naturally.
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We start this process through consultation and we are so confident that we can help our patients that if we don’t believe we can help then your consultation is FREE! So you really have nothing to lose by coming to see us.

We use a range of techniques at our clinics but our main form of treatment is spinal manipulation, we will discuss with you the best way to move forward for you, ensuring that you are comfortable and fully informed about what we advise. This is your treatment plan after all!

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Our clinic is in Brookmans Park, between Hatfield and Potters Bar. Close to the M25 and the A1. There is also an overland mainline train station from central London.

What Causes Back Pain

Low back pain has multiple causes, from mechanical issues in the low back itself, to problems in the feet, hips or knees, the neck, the jaw, or even nutritional deficiencies. Even if the back pain is being caused by the low back itself you have to know is it a ‘slipped disc’, is it the joints, is it muscle weakness, is it muscle tightness, is it the ligaments? And so on.
So the quickest way for you to find relief for your back pain is to find someone who can assess and give advice on all of those causes.

An Example of How Spinal Manipulation Can Help

This is what we do, asses what is causing your back pain, and then offer help as needed.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate why spinal manipulation is the smart choice for you, is to share the recent story (July 2014) about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s low back pain.

No matter what you may think of his music, millions of others undoubtedly enjoy his work – who hasn’t heard of The Phantom of the Opera? And it’s pretty likely he has a few hit shows left to write, so it would be a loss to humanity if he passed away any time soon.

Last year though, it came as a great shock to find out that the great Andrew Lloyd Webber was thinking of committing suicide!

Why was he thinking of ending it all?

Because of his severe, never ending back and leg pain.

After “countless medical procedures” as Lloyd Webber put it, he was still in constant pain. The official count was 14 – 2 surgeries and 12 anesthetic injections. All failed.

So after putting up with going nowhere he actually contemplated assisted death at a clinic in Europe.

Luckily, he decided to try chiropractic (a form of spinal manipulation) first.

After some gentle adjustments to his whole body, and not just his back and leg, Andrew Lloyd Webber started to recover, came out of his suicidal depression, and got back to life.

So, even if you have had failed back surgery, there is a chance that chiropractic can help.
You can book an appointment now by calling us on 01707 662 704.

Further Information About Back Pain

We have a wealth of information about back pain, so please do browse the website or take a look at our blog.

You can also find more information in our free low back pain report where you can learn:

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  • The most successful treatment of low back pain doesn’t involve any drugs or surgery!
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