About Body In Balance

Originally The Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, opened in 2004.
Then in 2016 we changed the name to Body In Balance.



At Body in Balance we work with patients from all walks of life.

We remove all interference from the normal healing mechanisms of the body. We stimulate the healing of damage tissues and speed up the recovering process. By looking at the function and structure of the body, we are able to understand where the pain comes from.

We also look at your diet to make sure the whole body has all the necessary nutrients. With a perfect eating plan, you’ll be sure that your body is well nourished so it can heal itself quickly and keep itself healed.

Our practicioners are here to help you achieve optimum health and maintain it overtime.

Wonderful Warm Healthy Human Beings Are The Answer

Dr Chris Pickard B.Sc, DC

My main mission is to inspire people to take ‘self-health’ seriously, and see achieving optimal health as part of their Social Responsibility for a sustainable, peaceful planet Earth.

Here’s how it came about…

Growing up in the 70’s with an atheist astronomer as a father and a caring active Christian as a mother, I grew up being influenced by both science and religion.

So the stories of both Jesus, and Newton influenced me from a young age…

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