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Spinal Specialist in Hertfordshire

Finally,  Say Goodbye to Pain

We’re not sure what you’re looking for because we haven’t met yet.

Perhaps you’re suffering with crippling back pain and sciatica?

Maybe a sports injury and want to get back to sport FAST?

Or maybe you’re really struggling with headaches, arthritis or neck pain,?  Or even Low energy, chronic fatigue, irritable bowls?

It’s even possible that you’re just ‘not feeling right’,  you’re stiff and things aren’t moving the way that you want them to,  you’re just not feeling you’re best and you want to get back to or achieve peak performance and optimal function.

No matter the issue, we are here to help provide you with the best assessment, treatment and support for “you” to get back to being the best version of “you”.

At Body In Balance, our agenda is really simple, we committed to helping our patients get the best results possible and ultimately- to help you get back to your best.

Call us on 01707 662 704 to make an appointment now

If you have Back Pain, Disc Pain or Sciatica, and you have had it more than 6 weeks, or more than on episode, then make sure you watch our video ‘The 2 Biggest Myths About Back Pain, And The Two Common Mistakes That Can Prevent Your Healing’. In 15 minutes you will learn what no other doctor, surgeon or therapist has told you and be on the way to recovery…

Why Choose Body In Balance?

  • We asses your ability to heal, as it is often not ‘the pain’ that is your real problem.
  • We are the first clinic in the UK to offer the True Cellular Detox program (TCD) which allows your cells to rejuvenate and therefore heal
  • We are one of the few clinics, maybe the only that uses the protocols developed by Dr Bob Rakowski for dealing with chronic health conditions
  • We are the only clinic in the UK to do a combination of 3 tests that could really, once and for all, discover why you are still sick and still in pain despite being on multiple drugs, and having seen many therapists

Watch the video to learn more:

As metabolic and spinal specialists the majority of our clients come to us with chronic pain no one else can help,  back pain, neck pain or persistent headaches. Most people searching the internet for a local chiropractor, osteopath or a pain relief solution want some quick answers and assurance that they are not going to waste time and money.

With that in mind our full New Patient Consultation is free if we find we can’t help. In such cases we will then refer you to where you can get help. Call us now on 01707 662 704, and book your full, no risk, New Patient Consultation.  Our clinic is in Brookmans Park (between Potters Bar and Hatfield).

If you want to know more about us and what a SPINAL THERAPIST does before you come in then please read on…

We help many people who are either frustrated with the pain they are suffering or equally frustrated with reduced mobility preventing them taking part in everyday activities. Having back, neck or any kind of pain can have a detrimental impact on your everyday life.

Prescription drugs often only treat the symptoms leaving the root cause of the pain untreated, and sometimes they are doing nothing but prolonging the problem. Patients come to our North London or Hertfordshire based clinics feeling down at the thought of a life in constant or recurring pain or reliant on the temporary relief that drugs and medicine gives them. Here at Body In Balance (formerly the Pain Relief Centre) we use many non-invasive and natural pain relief methods to not just relieve pain, but to remove the root cause of it too.

In the clinic we use a combination of spinal therapy, cranial work, physiotherapy, massage, ultrasound, cold laser, laser acupuncture, diet, exercise, nutrition, even homeopathy. Why use all these different approaches? Because everyone is different, even though their pain may be the same!

The most valuable tool we can use if you cannot even make it to the clinic is the Braverman Nature Assessment, and natural Pain Relief Patches. The Braverman Nature Assessment helps analyse the probable levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, that are often depleted in chronic pain. We then use the specific protocols devised by Dr Eric Braverman to boost these brain chemicals without the use of drugs.

The main therapy we use in the clinic is non-surgical neuro-spinal rehabilitation. (NSR)

NSR is a natural treatment for backs, headaches, necks and shoulders that we have successfully used on thousands of patients from new born babies to people in their nineties who want to remain active, with most no longer suffering little or no recurring pain. Seeing an NSR therapist for the first time can be a daunting process for some, and so please feel free to read all the testimonials of our patients whose lives have been improved by the work we do.

Our first priority is listening to you and then providing care to contain, reduce and where possible eliminate the pain.

How far would you travel to get the best treatment?

It is a humbling experience when patients place their health and well-being in our hands and it often surprises us the distance that some of our patients travel to get what they consider to be the best treatment they can find. We have people traveling from South London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk

Currently we have patients traveling over 100 miles round trip to stay healthy. Whilst we are unquestionably flattered by this more normally our patients come from closer by in the Barnet, Finchley, Hatfield, Brookmans Park and surrounding areas.

Physiotherapy Mentorship