February 6, 2010

Fish Oil is Better than Snake Oil

For many years now nutritional experts have been promoting the beneficial effects of fish oils on joints and the heart. According to US government statistics 84,000 deaths a year could be prevented by adequate omega 3 intake. Fish oils are also highly recommended for brain and nervous system health.

Recent studies have found taking 4 fish oil capsules a day can prevent psychosis and schizophrenia in those at risk:
Fish oil prevents psychosis …and even prevent tooth decay: Fish oil prevents tooth decay

It is important to realise though that not all fish oils are equal, and you should look for molecular distilled or pharmaceutical grade ones that have had pollutants removed. In our clinic we use Higher Nature, Innate Choice and Reflex.

More details on our website www.thepainrleifcentres.co.uk

Dr Chris Pickard

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