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Stay Motivated: Living Well at 104

3 topics today, first ‘get your mind working for you’, second – a bit of fun/business I did before Christmas, third – how to get your chiropractic emergency pain relief care for free.

Yes, the New Year is well and truly settling in and Resolutions are probably already forgotten because they haven’t been properly planned.

Today, I shall bring you the first gem from the PsychoCybenetics (PC) course by Dr Maxwell Maltz, for those of you not already reading the book, here is the Amazon link:

The basic, underlying principle of PC, is that your brain works like a guided missile – if you are off course it tries to correct you. You may zig and zag, but overall you will keep on track. This guidance system can either be used for failure, or success, depending on how we aim it. This brings up the important point that in order for a missile to hit its target…it must have one, and the same is true of the brain. If you have no goals or aspirations to target than your brain will either not function for your benefit, or worse – head off in the wrong direction. So first – pick a goal, then figure out which direction you need to go – i.e. do a bit of planning. Say for instance you made a resolution to “be healthier this year”, ask yourself how are you going to achieve this; will you eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, exercise more, enlist the help of a professional to keep you on track etc.

It’s simple really, and like so many parts of the ‘success mechanism’ as Dr Maltz called it, its so simple most people don’t do it!

I’ll bring you more form Dr M soon.

Now here’s a bit of fun. Being self employed means things like snow effect my income (though it did also mean I had 2 great days of sledging with my sons). One way I increase my business is through networking (word of mouth) at groups such as the BNI. Anyway, in December BNI launched a competition to do a video and put it on YouTube. If you want to see the results, and try and guess which one I am (you’ll understand if you watch it) then have a laugh on me –

Give yourself a goal, keep on track and,
Best of Health for 2010
Dr Chris

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 4 Feb 2010


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