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The Elephant or the Ferrari

Social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt developed the analogy of the Rider and the Elephant and the Heath brothers enhanced this model with a third component – the Path. Sachin Patel came up with another analogy I like: The Ferrari and the Lamp Post....

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The Cell Blueprint Questionnaire Click the link to download the cell blueprint questionnaire. Then once downloaded, you can 'tick the boxes' and save it to your computer. Then email that saved version to to get a free...

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Basic 1 Month ‘Prep’ Detox

BASIC 1 MONTH DETOX: So what can you do to detox? Decrease exposure Increase your ability to eliminate them from your cells Make sure they are ‘bound’ in the gut and eliminated from your body To decrease exposure, download this resource:...

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Covid Related Letters and Facebook Posts

Some letters to my MP (Grant Shapps) about what I think is an appalling dereliction of duty by his governments medical advisors. And some related posts from Facebook. Please use the information and spread it to your own MP, local hospital etc. Poor...

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Curb the Sugar Cravings

Do you have cravings for sugar? At it's worst, you may already have diabetes - so read this and get checked by your doctor: At best - you could be on your way to diabetes, so...

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 A lack of magnesium could be the cause of: Aches and pains Muscle cramps High blood pressure Fatigue Nausea Numbness Tingling Abnormal heart rhythms My Favourite Magnesium Supplements Magnesium L-threonate:...

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The Importance of Fat Loss In Immunity

Fat loss (as opposed to just weight loss) is related to many health benefits. Including better immunity. This was originally a Facebook Live video: 5 Signs You Have Lowered Immunity You can access our PDF here  - weak immune system Health Issues...

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