February 4, 2010

Posture and Success

Good news, great news in fact.

As I’ve said before, the most important thing to do to get your brain really working for you is to have a goal, a purpose, a sense of direction. Having a sense of direction is Dr Maxwell Maltz’s fist part of the Success Mechanism, in his book Psycho-Cybernetics (links at bottom of page for various links to the book).

Now this is just a guess, but metaphorically speaking the way we all want to go in life is up. It also turns out this is literally what we should all be doing in order to gain maximum health – stand up strait, in other words adopt great posture.
According to the work of Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry, 90% of the brain’s energy and activity is given over too trying to keep us upright versus gravity.

That is a truly staggering amount and only leaves 10% to deal with other bodily processes, thinking and healing. If your posture is poor, either through habit or because a joint in your spine is stiff, then your brain has to put even more energy into coping with gravity. Bad posture is now being linked not just with back pain, neck pain, headaches and breathing difficulties, but also hormonal disruption, blood pressure, immune function and mood.

Sperry’s work also concluded that if your brain did not receive signals from the rest of your body it would tend to slip into a coma. The largest input is from movement, 90% of which comes from the spine.

As you can see, Sperry’s work is of the utmost importance for understanding just how important chiropractic is, not just for getting out of pain, but for promoting and maintaining general good health, as not only does it help posture, it keeps your brain awake.

This is why I check posture every time I see a patient, and always encourage corrective exercises and habits.

Almost forgot the links to Psycho-Cybernetics

Best of Health

Dr Chris

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Dr Chris Pickard

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