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Despite conventional medicine insisting on rigorous investigation for other forms of healthcare, saying without it these alternatives are worthless, they are truly unaware of how much is unknown about how the drugs they use.

For example it is still unknown exactly how aspirin works, despite it being recommended for all sorts today. The artificial sweetener aspartame was apparently being developed as an ulcer drug, but when it didn’t work it got re-sold as a sweetener as someone in the lab had tasted it.

This, however is nothing compared to the latest offering –
One drug company developed a drug, pagoclone, specifically for treating panic disorders. As is often the case though the drug failed to perform in clinical trials.

Instead of giving up, they retried pagoclone as a solution to premature ejaculation. No luck there either.

Finally pagoclone has been found to help people who stutter and I believe has now been licensed.

Statins, are marketed as cholesterol lowering drugs, yet the evidence tells us that any good effect they have is NOT through lowering cholesterol, and the only people who really benefit are people with already low cholesterol, not high! A new trail however has just started to shed light on this:

As many ‘alternative’ health care practitioners will tell you, inflammation is more related to heart disease than high cholesterol. At last medicine has decided to examine what its own experts have been saying for years and measured a marker called C Reactive protein in people with heart failure.

One group was put on a statin, the other – nothing. Both groups had CRP and cholesterol levels checked. Both groups also started with the same cholesterol levels.

There was another subdivision of those with high CRP, and those with low CRP.

First of all, the statin lowered the cholesterol equally in both high and low CRP groups, but the death rate was different. While the those with high CRP did slightly better on the statin (8.5% fewer deaths than on the group on placebo)), those with low CRP on statins faired worse than placebo – almost 13% worse.

So this study gives us more insight into when to takes statins – high CRP – yes, low CRP – definitely not. High cholesterol – irrelevant.

As a side note, in the article the authors stated, “We examined whether the anti-inflammatory action of statins may be of benefit in heart failure, a state characterized by inflammation in which low cholesterol is associated with worse outcomes.”

Again acknowledging that high cholesterol is NOT a cause of heart failure, but low cholesterol.

I hope that you take this evidence to your doctor and get your CRP checked!

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: How to Be Healthy

Published on 9 Dec 2009


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