November 30, 2009

Vaccine Miscarriage

Once again, the safety of vaccines, in particular the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is being questioned.

The first thing you must know about the swine flu vaccine is that it is so safe that in the US the drug companies have given them immunity from being sued if it does kill anyone! This is probably as the drug companies are used to being sued and they new that there was no way on earth they could do all the proper testing if they where going to cash in on this (possibly manufactured) epidemic. Of course the US government really helped push this through quickly – so was probably quite happy to grant the vaccine makers immunity from prosecution.

Second, it is safe for pregnant women and unborn children. Except that’s not what it says on the label, and it’s also not safe for children under 6 months (according to the manufacturers). So how it can be safe for the unborn, then unsafe for the first 6 months of life is a modern miracle.

Third, the miscarriages that have happened just after getting the vaccine are just coincidences.

You can read about them here:

If anyone has had the flu after getting the vaccine, I would like to here about it – and you should report it to your GP. In the interest of science though, I would also like to know if you used to get the flu before the vaccine, but don’t anymore.

I think I may have to do a proper survey – stay tuned.

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Dr Chris Pickard

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