November 30, 2009

New Hope for MS Sufferers

It seems some clever noggin, Dr Paolo Zamboni, has re-examined the evidence of what causes Multiple Sclerosis and has come up with a new theory, a new treatment, and initial studies are going well.

So far in a group of 65 patients a new procedure has been carried out that has been 70%-80% successful.

Dr Zamboni, a vascular specialist was forced to learn all he could about MS when his wife was struck down with it. His own research discovered that 90% of MS sufferers have blocked or damaged veins that drain the head and simply developed a procedure to repair this problem. Since his wife had the operation 3 years ago she has had no symptoms. The research has also shown the brain is repairing itself in many cases once the blood drainage is restored.

This new finding clearly demonstrates one of the principles of cellular medicine I teach in my practice:

In order to be healthy a cell (or to make it more clear – your body) will stay healthy providing it has enough raw materials, it suffers no injury, and its waste is taken away.

As part of Dr Zamboni’s theory is that the damage is caused by the heavy metal iron, it is also possible that other heavy metals may be involved – such as mercury, lead and cobalt. These metals can be at least partially removed by simply taking a pill known as a chelation agent. Ask me for more details as there are a few available and they are fairly cheap, and safe to – I’m just trying a course at the moment.

Dr Zamboni’s vascular theory also explains why some people with MS find relief with regular chiropractic care.

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Dr Chris Pickard

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