September 6, 2013

The Best Dude Ranch In Montana

The Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch in the Absoroka Mountains just provided my family with the best holiday ever.
Here’s a picture from the other side of the road. Our room was the top right window of the building on the left.

best dude ranch in montana

Here’s us on our horses:

best dude ranch in montana

I had never ridden a horse before, and really had no interest, but after the Hawley Mountain experience I would love to go and do it again.

Everyone was friendly, nothing was too much trouble, and the kids could stay at the ranch if they decided not to come on a ride.

There was one day we rent on a ‘road trip’ instead of a horse ride. The ‘road trip’ was two hours of roller coaster over rocks in ‘Old Blue’:

best dude ranch in montana

To get to here:

best dude ranch road trip

At this point, some choose to get out and climb Monument Peak – the one furthest to the right in the picture, and another 1500ft elevation (we were already at 8000ft).

The rest went on for more torture along the worst of the road to get to the lake, and go back down a few hundred feet (this is a view of it from Monument, almost 2000ft higher and look at the clearness of the water)
lake near the best dude ranch

By the end everyone was friends, and on the last night most of the staff and guests hung out together and after the Karaoke (optional) and the Wii dancing (again optional) I got most of them to make this short video…

I’ll get up some more photo’s soon.

Dr Chris Pickard

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