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Why Choose Body in Balance for Pain Relief and Health Building?

Please read our patient “Bill of Rights” to find out why:

It is a mind, body and spirit balancing technique that has proven to have remarkable results. The technique is widely used by health care practioners who practice mind/body healing. By accessing areas of the brain through a pressure point type therapy while thinking about certain memory stresses, the body begins to reconnect the circuitry with the brain.

The body being able to heal itself, when stimulating these specific pressure points, it can not only begin to feel better but will eventually begin to repair and build.


You have a right to a health specialist who doesn’t just practice just one branch of health, but instead holds the ideals of the first chiropractors and doctors: to get sick people well using all the knowledge and skills at our disposal.

Better treatment comes from better understanding of what goes wrong, always striving to learn what makes people sick, and what can make them well, and then applying new techniques.

We are the only chiropractors in North London and Hertfordshire to combine chiropractic with revolutionary new soft tissue techniques like NRC ( and Neurosoma (, nutrition, Human Needs Psychology, exercise programs, and whatever else we find works!


You have a right to the most thorough examination, even for ‘minor’ ailments. One of the problems with the human system is that it is so complex that any one part of it can cause symptoms somewhere else. For instance foot problems can cause back pain and even headaches, jaw problems can cause foot pain, and a lack of vitamins, or too much stress, could cause any problem not to heal!

While many chiropractors and osteopaths focus on the spine as the cause of disease, and medical doctors focus on ‘blood and bugs’, we at the Pain Relief Centres will take a thorough case history and complete exam, from head to toe to try our best to get it right first time.

We are also the only clinic in London or Hertfordshire that will examine you for Dental Distress Syndrome – a condition that Japanese researchers have found to be the cause of everything from stress and arthritis to hormone problems.


You have the right to a health specialist who is not afraid to embrace modern technology. One of the most surprising things about NASA space suites is that they are lined with ‘cold lasers’. Cold lasers are a form of laser that does not cut or burn, but instead promotes healing of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, organs and nerves.

A recent related finding is that the human body has the equivalent of fibre optic cables running from the head to the joints, muscles and organs of the body.

Body In Balance is the only clinics to utilise both cold laser and Cranial Laser Reflex Technique in conjunction with chiropractic, at no extra cost.


You have the right to discover, for no risk, if we can help you. It is standard practice to charge for examinations – up to £150 or more for 5 minutes with an orthopedic surgeon – whether you can be helped or not; or maybe offered a free quick check, only to put you through the inconvenience of having to come back again for further investigation, then again for treatment.

At Body In Balance we prefer to book everyone in for the full assessment so we can start treatment immediately, but if we find we cannot help, we do not charge – so you have nothing to lose.


You have the right to know what I know! Unfortunately keeping healthy in today’s polluted, busy world is no longer a natural occurrence, and understanding exactly how to keep healthy requires university degree level knowledge at least! I spend time almost every day learning more about the latest advances and findings, and also keep in touch with other doctors and ‘expert’ patients in order to keep updated. I then to pass on this knowledge to my clients so they benefit from my hard work.

As far as I know, I’m the only chiropractor in the UK to write regular emails not provided by some marketing company. Health education and sanitation is what wiped out most of the infectious diseases of the past (antibiotics and vaccines actually played a much smaller part than doctors like to admit to), and I believe further health education holds the key for the prevention of today’s chronic ill health – from back pain and headaches, to cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

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