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How To Live To 100

You may not know this, but I have spent well over £30,000 educating myself about health and wellness. Every year I spend more. In fact, it's about £200 a month in various subscriptions alone. Now of course I benefit from this knowledge, as do my...

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The Paleo Diet Explained

Now the Christmas excess is out of the way, let’s talk about food! One of our practice members recently asked about the hunter-gatherer diet that I had recommended, saying that someone else had ‘debunked’ it. The problem is, there are a few books...

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How To Beat Colds and Flu This Winter

Colds and the Flu cost the country not just millions in lost work days, but lost days from school as well. The good news is that they are mostly preventable. The Basics If you don't do this, don't blame me if you get sick! No matter if your goal is...

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The Best Dude Ranch In Montana

The Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch in the Absoroka Mountains just provided my family with the best holiday ever. Here’s a picture from the other side of the road. Our room was the top right window of the building on the left. best dude ranch in...

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Superbrain Yoga in London

This may look like a silly exercise, but it has many health benefits - so watch my video first, and then the ones on how to do it. Superbrain Yoga Health Benefits How To Do Superbrain Yoga I hope you enjoyed learning about superbrain yoga today....

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FG Xpress for Natural Pain Relief

FG Xpress Power Strips offer Pain Relief and Increased Energy According to the reports and testimonials coming in, this new product is set to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, both those in pain, and for athletes seeking an...

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Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

Having treated lower back pain for almost 20 years, I've learned a thing or two about what can be done at home, right now, to try and ease your back pain. First off though, I have to warn you that low back pain can be a very serious condition,...

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What Doctors Won’t Do

I was alerted to this article, What Doctors Won't Do, on the Guardian website by Martina Mckeough a hypnotherapist who works in our clinic - The Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park (Martina does all the usual hypnotherapy stuff to help people stop...

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Meditation and Diabetes

My most recent email covered a few topics quite briefly, which I have reproduced below, but with links to the original, fuller articles: Meditation: A recent study has found that meditation halves the rate of heart attacks, strokes and other forms...

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Tai Chi Welwyn Garden City

Normally I go and see Bob Fermor (three times a world Kung Fu champion) and Dave (in the video) on Mondays for a Tai Chi class near Welwyn Garden City. However, one day they turned up to give me some intense training and Bob filmed it on my phone....

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Hay Fever Cure Hatfield

When I was a teenager I started suffering from the horrible itchy eyes and runny nose of hay fever. Not terrible, but certainly annoying enough that I would have to go inside, take some anti-histamines and put a cold, damp cloth over my eyes. Lucky...

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