Web Based Education for a Healthier Life

How has 2019 started for you?

With lots of plans and dreams? Or just ‘to survive’?

I know which one is more likely to produce results.

As ever, I’ve been learning, and am hungry to teach what I’ve learned.


Because one of my goals is to inspire my local community (and my readers, wherever they are) to be MUCH more healthy. Part of that is to save the NHS £50,000 for every reader I have (currently over 1500).

In my ‘learnings’ so far this year I’ve been reminded of the simplest, most profound ‘resolution’ that there could possibly be.

It’s life changing for many that have used it, and can be done is as little as 2 seconds!

If you’d like to know what it is then tune into my webinar on Thursday night at 7.15pm:


I promise it will be worth it. I’ll also be sharing the Core 4 reasons behind most of modern illness.

As ever, if you have general health questions you want answered, go on over to the Health Lab and ask in there: