3 Secrets To A Longer, Healthier Life

The Anti-Ageing Health Lab

7 Weeks to a Younger You

Are you constantly putting your poor health down to ‘ageing’.
Are you constantly thinking, ‘I’ve got to expect this at my age’?
Are you sick and tired of not having enough energy?
Are you fed up with aches and pains?
Or are you already in good health and are looking to improve further?

If so, then … Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to develop  anti-ageing super-habits over the next 7 weeks that save time while allowing your brain and body last longer, so that you can recharge and rejuvenate your cells and soul and feel up to 10-20 years younger in the next 6 months.

We have over 23 years experience in helping people get back to health and feel up to 20 years younger. From all walks of life, from all over the country.

Here is what others have to say:

Both my husband and i have been doing it for a while now. My husband has now lost a stone and a half in weight and some aches and pains he has had in his back and leg have eased considerably.. He used to suffer with low blood sugar level (he didn’t have diabetes) since introducing this his sugar levels are perfect. He works away on business a lot but still finds he can fit this in with his lifestyle. We both feel better mentally and physically better”

Yvonne Taylor

I feel amazing! I’ve lost some body fat which is an added bonus. For me it’s more about having a clear mind and feeling great! Hardly get the shakes nowadays! Definitely recommend! Thank you!


I feel brilliant and eating good fats and clean eating and cutting out wheat and grains my RA In my knees and hand have all but disappeared so clearly it’s helped with inflammation. I’m sleeping better ( thank God) too, it seems to have started the weight loss again after stalling.


This is all from just applying 1 of the  7 strategies we teach in our new online course, ‘The Anti-Ageing Health Lab: 7 weeks to a Younger You”.If you would like to apply, you cn start by registering for our next webinar…

The 5 Modules to be taught over 7 weeks:

1) The Building Blocks, or Wrecking Balls of Super Aging – Raw Materials

2) Stress to Bust It or Be-Friend It

3) Building Your Body’s 6 Batteries -the Keys to Energy

4) Xenohormesis and nutrient cycling – how environmental stress  become your friends

5) The Dynamic Duo of SuperAging – The 2 Big Missing Factors!

Imagine ….

  • Becoming the calm at the centre of any storm
  • Build resilience to modern living
  • And just about every infection and illness
  • Easier fat loss
  • Stronger muscles
  • Thinking more effectively
  • Sleeping like a baby

The Three Biggest ‘Future Health Fears’ Are:

1) Lack of Mobility

2) Lack of Immunity

3) Losing your mind!

Watch the video on the next page to discover the 7 strategies that can help…