Free Stress Screening

​Free Stress Screening​​​​

Are you worried about the effect your stress is having on you?

Stress contributes to 90% of all chronic disease, yet can be remedied in as little as a few minutes a day.  read on to find out how…

Brains are like computers.

Brains try and coordinate everything that takes place in our body and work hard to do so. Some run smoother than others, some can store more information than others, and if they are overworked, they start to ‘overheat’ and experience problems.

In our fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle, neurological problems are at their peak. More than 2 billion worldwide currently suffer from brain-based health challenges, leaving our brains and nervous systems reeling day in and day out.

Our bodies pump out adrenaline and cortisol in almost lethal amounts causing anxiety, depression, insomnia and weight gain.

This new, high-tech world has created a new kind of stress never before seen in human history; technology meltdowns, more work than anyone can handle, fear of layoffs, and a new pressure to multi-task all contribute to creating a new level of stress that the human brain is not prepared to manage.

The Effects of This Chronic Low Level Stress:

​Over-stimulation of the brain to the point that it can no longer cope, and it’s forced to pump out stress hormones while stripping itself of healthy, mood-balancing neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins. This results in problems like brain fog, poor sleep, poor health, poor memory, pain, anxiety and depression, which can then lead to bigger problems like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological disorders which are all growing at epic proportions.

There Is An Answer – Brain Based Wellness

​Leaders in the field of mind/body health recognized the devastating effects of brain stress years ago and have spent more than 20 years developing safe, drug-free solutions; technologies that work by soothing the brain, allowing the brain and body to go to work undoing the damage caused by brain stress and physical stress.This new field is being called Brain Based Wellness.The new Brain Based Wellness technologies help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain while generating the brain wave activity associated with deep relaxation. This combination gets the brain back in balance and reverses the effects of stress, so that the brain can continue to boost hormones that protect the brain against stress like beta-endorphins, while reducing damaging cortisol, restoring the body’s natural pH balance, ridding the body of toxic stress hormones such as excess adrenaline and strengthening the immune system.

Brain Based Wellness can help with the following:

  • Replacing willpower and setting a specific plan in motion
  • Inputting positive information to help make behavioural changes
  • Retraining the mind and setting new life skills into place
  • Assist​ in good, long term decision making
  • Achieving safe weight loss, not fast weight loss
  • Working with appetite reduction (Appetite is of the mind; hunger is of the body.)
  • Creating better memory and recall
  • Improving sleeping patterns
  • Reducing stress
  • Creating overall feeling of calmness
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Learning to be thin or smoke free for life
  • Removing the necessity to count calories, count fat grams, or weigh food
  • Working exercise time into busy schedules
  • Blood flow to the brain increases for clearer thinking, better concentration.

​Discover Brain Based Wellness for yourself

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