The 28 Day Health Challenge

Let’s start with my bad hair!

The Tasks

1 – Get at least 30 different types of plant into your diet very week  –  Score 7 points per week if you hit 30 or more.  If you only get 29 varieties , then you score just 6 points; only 28 then 5 points, and so on down to 23 or less = zero points for the week.

2 – Get 5 portions of fruit and veg a day – these can be the same 5 every day – score 1 point per day you manage 5 +

3 – Exercise  – anything – even if it’s doing ‘the Founder’, the nitric oxide routine, the joint mobility routine, some posture exercises, stretching, yoga, walking the dog!   1 point per day.

4 – Sweat 2 x Week : from strenuous exercise or using a sauna.   7 points scored for the week if you sweat twice, 4 points for only once, and zero for zero times.

5 – Breath Work  – ideally doing the Wim Hof Method daily, but even something as simple as 10 deep breaths.    1 point per day

6 – Gratitude  – practicing gratitude daily will add 7 years to your life.  1 point per day

7 – Yawn with intention – 1 point per day.

8 – Decrease a bad habit, or increase on a good one – again score 1 point per day.

At the end of every week – add up your scores and share them – either with someone else you know in the challenge, or in  the Health Lab group.


Why not post which different plant varieties you are eating each day? It may help others.



Deeper into Yawning: