Is Stress Making You Fat?

​​Are Stress and Toxins Making You Fat?​​​​

​Having trouble losing weight?Do you watch your thin friends eat anything they want while you munch on salads and wonder why the scales won’t budge?


1) Stress:The constant pressure of living in a fast -paced world has created an environment where we all suffer from stress.  But did you know that….

  • Stress can be more fattening than chocolate?
  • Your reaction to stress can halt fat burning for hours?
  • Chronic stress can actually cause weight gain?

2) Toxicity:

  • ​Just as some toxins, called carcinogens, cause cancer, there are also ‘obesegens’ that cause obesity
  • ​Synthetic chemicals used in the past to fatten cows are still in our environment.
  • ​Many hormone disrupting chemicals in our environment are causing weight gain.
  • Some scientists think our bodies are having to create fat to store toxins our liver has no idea what to do with.

You’ve tried and failed at weight loss more than once, it may not be your fault.  

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  • how to detox properly for lasting weight loss
  • the 5 day eating plan that can shift your entire health
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