Injury Repair

Here are my current injury repair nutrition recommendations.

3 phases of care

Phase 1 – Acute phase • Calcium, magnesium, lemon balm extract, malic acid, passionflower extract, valerian extract: • Targeted for muscle support  • Ginger, curcumin, boswellia, hops extract, black pepper extract: • Full formula for antioxidant support and immune function

Nutrients to Address Pain and Inflammation

Turmeric: 1) Inhibits inflammation 2) Stimulates tissue repair, mainly the regeneration of muscle tissue • Ginger: • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant • Boswelia serrata • Green-lipped mussels: anti-inflammatory properties

Phase 2 – Sub-Acute phase • Collagen complex with fruit and vegetable complex: Cartilage/soft-tissue and herbal support for joint and muscle discomfort • Undenatured collagen 2, mg, hops for joint relief  •PRM Resolve

How PRM Resolve Works

  • PRMs are metabolites of omega-3s (EPA, DHA, and DPA): • Most abundant metabolites – 18-HEPE, 17-HDHA, and 14-HDHA • Further metabolized into different classes of SPMs such as lipoxins, resolvins, maresins, and protectins • PRMs help encourage SPM production in the body • SPMs are “resolving agonists” with potential to stimulate key cellular events: • Promotes healthy immune response • Helps body return to homeostasis • Removes unwanted debris and dead immune cells from the body

Phase 3 – Continued connective tissue remodeling & protection

Nutrients for each phase:

For 1st Month: Chondro Jointaide, and D3/K2

& PRM Resolve  (if you are avoiding NSAID drugs)

For 2nd Month:

Joint Eze &/or Herbal Eze ,

Fruits & Greens,

Fish Oils/ & PRM Resolve,