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My most recent email covered a few topics quite briefly, which I have reproduced below, but with links to the original, fuller articles:

Meditation: A recent study has found that meditation halves the rate of heart attacks, strokes and other forms of death. The study was on a couple of hundred people over 9 years. The form of meditation used was the same one I’ve been practicing since my parents sent me on a course when I was 17 – Transcendental Meditation. It’s very easy to learn.

Diabetes: Some more scientists have discovered what I’ve been teaching for years – type 2 diabetes is COMPLETELY curable with the right diet – just not the one the NHS dieticians use!

If you want to know the diet I use then email me or ring the clinic on 01707 662 704

Drugs: Yet more reasons to find another answer to your symptoms. This time even simple pills like Piriton, used for hayfever, when combined with other common drugs can cause dementia and early death. If you do know anyone that suffers with hay fever then please get them to give me a call on 01707 662 704 as I know someone who can cure it – guaranteed.

Cholesterol: new research from Japan confirms what all the other major cholesterol studies have found – increased cholesterol is GOOD, not bad. Please let your GP know and ask them to read this article: Tsuji H. Low serum cholesterol level and increased ischemic stroke mortality. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2011;171(12):1121-1123.

Or, just have a read of this site:

Be Well

Dr Chris

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

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Published on 11 Jul 2012


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