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medicine is crashing

If you have been reading my emails and blog for any length of time you will know that medicine is not all that it is hyped up to be.

Medicine, it would seem, is crashing all around us.

This is not to say that medicine is truly excellent and at the moment irreplaceable for severe trauma like broken bones, reviving people from heart attacks, acute infections and genetic diseases.

But these problems only amount to about 1% of what medicine is treating.

The other 99% are things like heart disease, depression, cancer and diabetes. All of which are MOSTLY lifestyle related and not genetic.

Trying to treat diabetes with drugs is like trying to treat a lack of exercise with surgery. It won’t work!

So what is the answer?

Knowing with absolute clarity what you need to do to prevent them in the first place and then tacking action!

This is why I now schedule talks throughout the year on what science (not fads) are telling us about diet, nutrition, exercise, state of mind etc.

Get yourself booked in, bring friends.

The earlier you start the better!

Call the clinic on 01707 662 704, or keep an eye on my Facebook page:

What inspired today’s blog post?

Here is the list of articles I read over the past two days:

BMJ Evidence Centre – only 1/3rd of drugs and treatments assessed where of any medical value

And Dr Vijay Prasad chief fellow of the National Cancer Institute in the USA has found that only 38% of medical practices are proven to be beneficial – little more than placebo Mayo Clin Proc, 2013;88:790-8

Fivefold increase in ADHD meds –JchildAdolescPsychoparmacol,

ADHD drugs triple diabetes risk. Risperdal, Seroquel, Abilify, Zyprexa.

Risk tripled after 1 year, and increased with further use and increased dose – JAMA Psychiatry, 2013; 70:1067-75

Liquid paracetamol (such as Calpol) given to babies, doubles risk of asthma at age 6 or 7 EuroPubHealth, 2013;23:706-10

Healthy diet overwrites genetic code for chronic disease. Diabetes Care, 2013; 36:3803-11

Antidepressants could increase Diabetes risk – Diabetes Care, 2013; 36:3337-45

Steroids don’t work in severe asthma – U-BIOPRED – Unbiased
Biomarkers in Prediction of Respiratory Disease Outcomes study WDDTY Feb 2014

Digoxin – fatal for those with Systolic (left ventricle) heart failure – Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes, 2013;6:525-33

Statin Dangers – OJEMD 2013;3: 179-85 – Statins are at best useless, at worst killers. Co Q 10 should be used instead – more effective with fewer (or no) side effects. University College Hospital Galway, Ireland

Now if you’d like some cheering up, pop to my Facebook page and try the ‘reading’ test.

Be Well

01707 662 704

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Medical Mayhem

Published on 3 Feb 2014


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