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In the past 2 weeks I have been called a ‘wizard’ a ‘magic man’ and a ‘genius’ by patients, and one lady said she felt like ‘Wonder Woman’ after a recent treatment.

While I thanked each of them for their kind words I reminded them it is their own body that does the healing, all I do is remove the interferences from healing, or supply what’s missing.

Simple deficiencies (of nutrients, movement, rest) and toxicities (environmental pollution & stress for example) are often at the root of why people don’t recover from injuries, or develop heart disease and diabetes.

These simple truths seem to have been forgotten by medicine, and are often ignored.

Before I go into this in depth I’d like you to watch this short video where I reveal the recent disturbing findings on a blood test that this patient’s doctor said was ‘normal’, and nothing of concern.


How can this happen?

How can a doctor miss such a thing?

Simply it’s down to training, and I see it with almost every blood test that patients bring in for me to see.

If there is no drug to treat a condition, then pretty much it gets ignored.

Which brings me to what else gets ignored.

For instance…

4 studies have shown simple vitamins could have saved a lot of lives, or maybe abolished the covid death rate:

  • Vit D INJECTIONS could almost abolish intensive care use…

  • “intravenous vitamin C (2-24g/d) has been shown to reduce mortality, Intensive Care Unit and hospital stays, time on mechanical ventilation in severe respiratory infections”

  • A single dose of 80,000 IU has been shown to decrease the death rate of covid by 50%?

  • And Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin B12 (DMB) on progression to severe outcome in older COVID-19 patients.

And now a new study has shown that simple attention nutrition could save many more lives of those hospitalised with any condition, while also presenting with malnutrition:

“Malnutrition affects a considerable proportion of patients in the hospital and is associated with adverse clinical outcomes. Recent trials found a survival benefit among patients receiving nutritional support.”

And according to previous studies, malnutrition in western hospitals is INCREASING

“Despite Switzerland being a wealthy country with good social programs, the researchers note that its percentage of hospitalized patients with malnourishment increased from 18 percent in 2010 to almost 28 percent in 201”

So why, despite mounting evidence, do hospitals still not want to administer nutrients to try and save lives?

It’s quite simple – medical school.

Medical training lacks any emphasis on the basics of what is need to be a healthy human being in the 21st Century.

It gets even worse.

The evidence that environmental pollution adds to diabetes, lung disease and heart disease is something I have spoken about before.  It also contributes to covid severity, cancer, dementia, and now eye problems:

As we age, toxins bio-accumulate, primarily in our fat and bone.

So what happens when we go on a crash diet, or get ill and lose weight?

Those toxins get released from fat (and bone) into your blood stream where they can then harm your arteries, heart, immune system, brain and more.

This is why it is so important to combine weight loss with detox, and to ensure sick patients losing weight also don’t poison themselves.

This time it’s not just a lack of training at medical school, it’s also a big issue with the whole weight loss industry.

These 5 references give you an overview of the situation:

This is why I say ‘detox is better than diet’.




What action should you take with all of this knowledge now imparted to you?

  • Take advantage of my blood test analysis service
  • Get serious about regular detox – book a call with me to get started.

Call me.

Be Well,

01707 662 704
p.s. Valentines is coming up, so if you want a healthy heart, don’t make this mistake.

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 8 Feb 2021


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