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Did you know that you can lower blood pressure naturally using a towel?

Blood pressure is a big problem that can lead to strokes and is a major contributor to heart disease.

Prescribed drugs don’t work as advertised. While those drugs are lowering your blood pressure number, you are still at much higher risk than those who are in the same situation but don’t use medication.

Lower your blood pressure naturally for better health (because the drugs don’t work as advertised)

How to lower your high blood pressure naturally

The American Heart Association reported that simple hand grip exercises can significantly help lower your blood pressure.

Back in 1992, Dr Ronal Wiley, a pulmonologist at Miami University in Ohio, did a study that used isometric handgrip exercises to understand the effect on blood pressure. Isometric exercises require putting a muscle in tension and holding it without moving.

During that study, Dr Wiley had young men train with 30% of their maximum grip strength for two minutes, alternating hands after a brief rest.

Results showed that after eight weeks of isometric exercises, three times a week, those men saw a significant decrease of their blood pressure!

This handgrip exercise may work well due to the release of nitric oxide. Doing this exercise repeatedly may improve blood vessel elasticity which helps maintain an appropriate heart rate.

So it’s a good idea to ensure maximum Nitric Oxide creation.

There are foods, supplements, and further exercises that can help: https://nitric.gr8.com/

You can pick up a dynamometer here (the device for measuring grip strength) : https://amzn.to/2NeinUy

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Wellness Coaching

Published on 13 Mar 2021


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