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Porridge – Good or Bad?

While traditional porridge oats has many health qualities it may surprise you to know that it has more calories per serving than a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties!

This is bad news for diabetics, people with any kind of pain or inflammation (e.g arthritis,cancer,dementia) or if you are trying to lose weight.

What you really need is a no sugar or ‘ketogenic’ version.

So here is a much healthier, delicious hot or cold ketogenic recipe.

Take an equal amount of flaked almonds and pecans (70g each) (or soak whole almonds overnight to soften them) and blend them together with a small amount of coconut milk (100ml) and a bit of nutmeg.

You can then add more coconut milk and heat it if you wish – and add some berries on top too.

I have also tried blending in cashews, and adding cinnamon (which is very good for blood sugar control).

The original recipe is in the TeamHannah Ketogenic cookbook which is available in the clinic for £15 or online – http://www.teamhannah.com/the-team-hannah-cookbook/

Buy it if you A) want to raise some money for a cancer therapy Hannah and I believe in or B) don’t want to spend a few minutes searching the internet for ketogenic recipes (there are lots, so easy to find).

Let me know what you think – you can post on our Facebook page:


…and if you would like more recipes email me so I can get some together.

Be Well

Dr Chris

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 5 Feb 2016


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