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Take a look at some of the charts by following this link:

Did you notice the amount and rate at which all of these infectious disease fell before the introduction of vaccines? Now governments and doctors have been hoodwinked into believing these disease where wiped out by vaccines, which is really not true.

Public health education really is the key.

Originally this meant washing hands, sanitation and eating better.

I grabbed this directly from Nexus magazine:

Real reason for the decline

The reason most medical historians give for the decline in deaths for these diseases are improvements in nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition being foremost. A very influential report by Dr Moises Behar, published in world health, explains as follows:

“In the now developed countries, mortality due to tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough, typhoid fever, diarrhoeal diseases and many other infections began to fall long before the responsible microbial agents had been identified and before specific measures of control or treatment were known. The decline–much greater than any achieved since through the use of vaccination and antimicrobial drugs–paralleled the improvement in general living conditions. Microbes and diseases caused by them prosper, therefore, only in environmental conditions favourable to them.”

Regarding nutrition, Dr Behar went on to say:

“A debilitated organism is far less resistant to attack by invading micro-organisms. Ordinary measles or diarrhoea–harmless and short lived diseases among well fed children–are usually serious and often fatal to the chronically malnourished. Before vaccines existed, practically every child in all countries caught measles, but 300 times more deaths occurred in the poorer countries than in the richer ones. The reason was not that the virus was more virulent, nor that there were fewer medical services, but that in poorly nourished communities the microbes attack a host which, because of chronic malnutrition, is less able to resist.”

The report concluded:

“For the time being, an adequate diet is the most effective ‘vaccine’ against the most of the diarrhoeal, respiratory and other infection.”

However, there have been other trends over the past 50 years that is now causing its own toll:
Increased calories
Decreased exercise
And now – decreasing nutrient intake too.

I think our nutritional status, which the above report outlines as the real boost to our health, is declining again, and this will be the reason we see increased infectious diseases. It is not because of lack of vaccine uptake, or the need to create stronger antibiotics. We need to use less drugs and more nutrition (and exercise).

We have to realise that our health is our responsibility, not that of the government or a doctor. Money for health care as we know it should be reserved for when things really do go wrong – real emergencies, and when all else has failed.

For some more information on vaccines:

Again, if anyone thinks that routine childhood vaccination is more safe and effective than optimal nutrition and hygiene I’d like to see the research that proves it.

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

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Published on 27 Apr 2011


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