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For years I have been telling patients to Eat More Water.

Below these videos you will find a list of high water content foods.

Remember though – strangely seeds may be hydrating!

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Almonds 7%
Apples 85%
Apricots 85%
Bananas 76%
Bean Sprouts 92%
Beef Raw Hamburger 54%
Bread Whole Wheat 35%
Broccoli 91%
Butter 20%
Cabbage Raw 92%
Cantaloupe 91%
Carrots Raw 88%

Cauliflower Raw 91%
Celery 94%
Cheese 37%
Cherries raw 80%
Chicken Grilled 71%
Coconut Dried 7%
Collards boiled 91%
Corn, Sweet Fresh 74%
Cucumbers Raw 96%
Eggs Raw Whole 74%
Eggplant Raw 92%
Fruit Cocktail 80%

Grapefruit Raw 88%
Grapes 82%
Ham Smoked Cooked 54%
Honey 15%
Jams/Preserves 30%
Kale 87%
Lettuce Head 96%
Spaghetti Cooked 72%
Margarine 20%
Molasses 25%
Okra Boiled 91%

Olives 80%
Onions 89%
Oranges 86%
Papyas Raw 89%
Parsley Raw 86%
Peaches Raw 90%
Peanuts Shelled Trace
Peanut Butter Trace
Pears Raw 82%
Peas Raw 81%
Pecans 7%
Peppers Green 94%

Pickles Dill 93%
Pineapple Raw 85%
Plums Raw 87%
Pork Chops Broiled 45%
Potatoes Raw 85%
Pumpkin Canned 90%
Radishes Raw 95%
Raspberries 81%

Sauerkraut Canned 93%
Spinach Raw 92%
Squash Boiled 96%

Strawberries Raw 90%
Sweet Potatoes
Boiled in Skin 71%
Swiss Chard 94%
Tomatoes Raw 93%
Turkey Roasted 62%
Veal Broiled 60%
Walnuts 4%
Watercress Raw 90%
Watermelon 93%

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 7 May 2011


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