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or HRT in your kid’s squash?

There are MAJOR problems with tap water, and its only going to get worse….

1) Chlorinated water is associated with 9% of bladder cancer and 18% of rectal cancers and has been linked to the skin cancer melanoma. Perhaps more shocking is that pregnant mothers drinking more than 5 glasses a day of tap water had an increased chance of miscarriage.

2) Another problem with chlorine is that it reacts with other chemicals we put into the water. One is the antibacterial ‘triclosan’ used in many soaps. When mixed with chlorine it forms a toxic chemical called a dioxin.

3) 90% of every drug that a person takes is either excreted unchanged, or turned into something else still active before being flushed down the toilet, into the sewage system and then into tap water.

Drugs found include antibiotics, ibuprofen, cholesterol lowering drugs, prozac, hormones and chemotherapy agents.
4) Over 10,500 chemical ingredients are used to manufacture personal care products such as moisturisers, cleansers, deodorants, shampoos and soaps and they all end up in our water.

What is the effect of all these chemicals on us and the environment? Nobody knows the full extent yet, but we do know there are detrimental effects on the glandular systems of fish and amphibians studied. And British male sperm count has dropped by over a half in the past 50 years – maybe this is nature’s way of killing us off!

Little is being done to prevent these chemicals getting into our water supply by the water companies, but there is something you can do – use a water filter. A really good one is The Wellness Water Filter as it not only has the best means of removing unwanted chemicals it imparts qualities to the water that increase its healing abilities. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune, only £50, then replacement filters cost £20. The cost of 1 litre of the best filtered water is less than 15p. Less than the cheapest bottled water.

We sometimes stock them in the clinic, but you can find them online.

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

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Published on 7 May 2011


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