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It’s been a busy time since getting back from Orlando and the Immunotec conference, what with training for the London Marathon, and trying to raise money for the North London Hospice.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. Unfortunately the North London Hospice need more to carry on their amazing work. You can give online through this link:


We also have collection tins and sponsor forms in both clinics.

The North London Hospice website: https://www.northlondonhospice.org

Now, getting back to getting back from Orlando…

I went away knowing that Immunocal was the best supplement I’ve come across in 16 years, but after meeting the owners of the company and people who’ve been on the stuff for years I’m even more of an advocate now! So you’ll have to put up with me talking and writing about it for some time.

I met cancer survivors, people who’d been bad ridden from arthritis and fibromyalgia, a guy with hepatitis C and others – all who had been crippled before taking Immunocal. It’s not clear with the cancer victims how much the Immunocal helped, but they said they felt it made the difference.

The most amazing story for me came from a lady I’d been talking to most of the weekend, and she told me she’d been in a car accident several years before and had broken 18 bones. 18! She was not expected to live through the emergency surgery, but when she did the doctors where amazed. Then they told her it would take 18 months of rehabilitation to get back to normal activity. It only took her 5 weeks to recover. She had started taking Immunocal before her accident, and is extremely thankful she did, and still does.

Never have I come across a supplement with such amazing health benefits. And I’ve never been more excited about helping people’s health more, except when I graduated as a chiropractor.

You can ask at the clinic for more details, or read more about it on my blog:


and more here:

How to raise glutathione

Look out for my next email in a few days – “Chiropractic Nuts!”.

Best of Health

Dr Chris
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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: How to Be Healthy

Published on 15 Mar 2011


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