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When I was a teenager I started suffering from the horrible itchy eyes and runny nose of hay fever. Not terrible, but certainly annoying enough that I would have to go inside, take some anti-histamines and put a cold, damp cloth over my eyes.

Lucky for me, my parents thought a bit differently from other people, and instead of resigning me to a lifetime of summer drugs they took me to a chiropractor.

Chiropractic certainly helped my hay fever, and my Mum’s, but I have to admit, it does not seem to help very many people. (more on that here – Chiropractic and Hay Fever)

What I have found though is that using a ‘cold laser’ gets rid of itchy eyes within minutes and can have very long lasting effects (some patients have not had itchy eyes for years following a single treatment).

A chiropractic colleague of mine a few years ago stumbled across a massage technique, using pressure points around the neck, that does seem to be very effective in relieving hay fever – again long term with only one of two sessions.

He has taught me his methods, and I’m now using them.

A second colleague, not a chiropractor, has now got so much experience in curing hay fever she will guarantee it.

So, how can you get the hay fever cures I’ve talked about?

You have two options.

First, you can see me, and I will use the cold laser and the massage technique. If you get zero benefit then I will refund the money. You will have to ring the clinic on 01707 662 704 to find out current prices. If you are an existing client then you know the price, and treatment will take about 15 minutes.

If you are a new patient then I will need to go through a consultation first, which will take about 1/2 hour.

Your second option is that if the first option fails, I pass you onto my colleague, where a 2-3 hour session will be needed.

So just to make it clear, if you see me, and you get no benefit, I will refund you my fee and refer you to my colleague.

Ring us on 01707 662 704, or go to our website for location details – hay fever cure Hatfield

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Diet and Nutrition

Published on 28 May 2012


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