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Kids Health Potters Bar

Let’s face it, kids are pretty important – they are the future!. What better way to ensure the future than to look after the future health of your children?

How do you ensure future health for kids then? In the medical world it is simply have vaccinations and eat a good diet. This approach however is naive at best, harmful at worst. Why do I say this? Well look around, kids are getting more obese, allergies are increasing, and there are more kids with heart problems and diabetes than ever before. Sitting back and just hoping the NHS will take care of everything is just not on.
What has to happen is we start teaching our children about health and wellness from a young age, and a good place to start seems to be the profession of chiropractic.

My proof:

A study surveyed 200 pediatricians and 200 chiropractors regarding the health of their own children. Because of their different backgrounds in training and experience, one could safely propose that the children of chiropractors would be more apt to receive a natural-based approach to their health care (spinal adjustments, nutritional and herbal therapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture) with less emphasis on antibiotics and other drugs than the children of pediatricians. The results of the study found that 69% of the chiropractic children reported “no occurrence of middle ear infection” compared to 20% of the pediatricians’ children. “No tonsillitis” was reported in 73% of the chiropractor’s children versus 57% of the pediatricians’ children.

The chiropractic children had fewer ear infections, allergies, and cases of tonsillitis, and therefore required less medicine.

As the above study hinted, it is not just about chiropractic, it is about the general approach chiropractors take – good diet, nutrition etc. It is also important to nurture your children’s minds towards self growth – more on that soon!

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Dr Chris Pickard

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