Cancer – is it a nutritional deficiency?

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Cancer – Is It A Nutritional Deficiency?

So often your average medical doctor will laugh at the idea that diet and nutrition can help your health. This is largely helped by pharmaceutical companies doing everything they can to back rubbish research into the area of nutrition.

However, when the WHO comes out with a statement such as “85% of cancers are avoidable” and half of these are due to “nutritional deficiencies in the Western diet” you would hope there might be something in the news, or that doctors might get interested.

But no.

I was speaking to a cardiac specialist last night about diet and nutrition. His opinion, after 10 years of in-depth research was that diet plays a huge role in human health and suspects that nutritional supplementation has a previously neglected important part to play.

He too found it frustrating that despite evidence that diet is a far more effective at preventing heart disease than statins, his colleagues did not want to listen.

It’s a strange world when those that are supposedly trained in human health take so little interest in it.

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Oh well.

Dr Chris
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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Diet and Nutrition

Published on 23 Jun 2010


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