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Lifestyle Wins Again for Better Health

Yet another study shows lifestyle change has a more dramatic effect on your health than any amount of drugs. (I’m talking about the chronic diseases that kill most westerners).

What is great about this particular research is that it highlights just how quickly positive effects happen.

A study at Brigham Young University found a combination of a ‘healthy’ diet and 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day dramatically decreased risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease in just 6 weeks.

Maybe if they followed what I term a ‘Human diet’ (a hunter-gatherer diet) as outlined here – Human Diet with the types of exercise Al Sears recommends – PACE Program they would find even quicker and more profound results.

Best of Health.

Dr Chris

I regularly post blogs on various health issues and ways you can help yourself including chiropractic.  Please come back regularly and read my last blogs so you can be kept up to date with many of today’s health issues.

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 24 Jun 2010


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