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For years many forward thinking doctors and alternative health practitioners such as chiropractors and osteopaths, have preached about the documented dangers of various pain killing and anti-inflammatory drugs. By ‘forward thinking’ I actually mean those that read independent scientific research.

What is coming to light though is that not only are some of these drugs dangerous, but they could also be useless, or make the problem worse.

This is the case with common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs for short) such as aspirin and ibuprofen (nurofen). These drugs have been linked to thousands of deaths every year, but now it also appears they should not be given to help heal an injury. When the body is injured it goes through a process to heal itself, and inflammation is one of the early, necessary phases. They way NSAIDs work actually prolongs the time it takes for muscle, ligament and other tissues to heal.

(FASEB J. 4 October 2010)

In related news codeine, a pain killer that has been used for 200 years, has been found to be particularly lethal to children. It was reported in the Canadian Medical Journal in October 2010, that as codeine had been used before the introduction of certain laws governing medicine it had never been properly tested for safety. As yet we don’t know how bad it could be, but it is something to watch out for.

So what can be done to naturally aid healing and pain relief? There are a number of answers and approaches, from seeing a chiropractor to taking certain supplements.
Have a look at these sites for more information, and then feel free to leave me any questions.
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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 1 Nov 2010


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