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Sunblock can be an annoying, yet needed hassle when going on holiday, but is it healthy and is there a better way?

Sunblock also allows your skin to fry in in the oil. Nice!

In truth if you are going to expose your untanned skin to strong Sunshine the healthiest way is to gradually build up a tan, using no blocks – after all, that is what happened for the first 40,000 years of human evolution.

Most people, especially kids, are not patient enough for this.

The problem with sunblock and being near water is that it needs re-applying – even the water resistant stuff.

What I have found is that there is a supplement you can take, that is safe for kids, that boosts health, and decreases the need for sunblock. It’s called Astaxanthin.  I give it to my kids 2 x day for a month before going on holiday, then once a day while away. We apply a good quality water resistant sunscrean first thing in the morning and that’s it.  If your children are particularly sensitive to the Sun, or really hate suncrean, then astaxanthin is a real help.

I always stock it in the clinic over summer, but its many health benefits mean you can take it all year round.

Watch the video for more details (and you will find out why the flamingos)

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 2 Jul 2015


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