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Greg Norman loved the healthy coffee, tea and hot chocolate so much, he has championed the development of Nespresso compatible pods in Europe.

greg norman healthy coffee

This is no ordinary coffee. (and comes as green tea or hot chocolate too) – Try the King of Coffee if you want the best


Is ganoderma mushroom coffee healthy? It is, as long as you stick to a specific few brands. (Organo and 4 Sigmatic)

Ganoderma lucidum comprises probably 400 different biologically active constituents.  These compounds have a broad spectrum of pharmacological actions including immunomodulation, anticancer, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, antifibrotic, chemopreventive, antitumor, anticancer drug toxicity prevention, analgesic, anti inflammatory, antinociceptive, antimicrobial, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective, antiandrogenic, antiangiogenic, antiherpetic, antiarthritic, antiosteoporotic, antiaging, antiulcer properties and estrogenic balancing activity.

A search on pubmed will reveal such benefits as:

  • Eases Fibromyalgia if taken daily for 6 weeks
  • Raises neuronal nitric oxide
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps antioxidant status of mitochondria both in brain and body
  • Makes cholesterol and platelets less sticky
  • Supresses migration of highly aggressive breast an prostate cancers
  • Prevents beta-amyloid build up in Alzheimer’s’
  • May help prevent and restore function in Parkinson’s
  • Promote survival and axon regeneration of injured spinal motor neurons in rats
  • Hepatic and renal protective effects
  • Significant anti-HIV-1 protease effects
  • Improves recovery from herpes
  • Kills H Pylori
  • Inhibits Staph aureus
  • Deceases fasting serum glucose, insulin and fat
  • In diabetics protects and enhances pancreatic B-cell regeneration
  • More effective than drugs for controlling RA pain
  • Effective anti-allergy
  • Rats live 9-20% longer1 (translates to humans as 7-16 years)
  • Improves wound healing (inc collagen)

Some things I didn’t mention in the video:
Ganoderma clears 88% of HPV in 60 days  when taken with turkey tail mushroom.

Ganoderma may be as good as diazepam/Valium for decreasing anxiety and pain (in high doses), and is MUCH safer.

Ganoderma reduced bone inflammation.


Listen to my friends, Pete Cohen, the Weight Loss Guru, and world renowned sports nutritionist, chiropractor, and functional doctor – Bob Rakowski DC….

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Here’s my link if you want to buy some direct – BodyByCoffee

Here are what others are finding:

Weight Loss, Clearer Head

What a product this stuff is! I have had great improvement in my brain fog, and I would swear I am losing weight faster with this! Sleep better too!! Gotta try it folks!  Mary

Arthritis, More Energy, Better Mood

It makes me feel more alert, has given me more energy to the point of my husband asking,  “What is it with you?” And the arthritis in my hand has cleared up, I no longer get swelling or pain and I haven’t needed to take anti-inflammatories either!

I drank 2 OG black coffees one morning then went for a swim. Having not been in a pool for probably about a year I reckoned I’d be tiring after about 8 straight lengths, however I felt so fresh , was breathing deeply and kept going to reach 40 lengths of the pool nonstop like a fish to water!!!! This is when I realised the power of OG and looked into it further. I have now been drinking OG for over 3 months, my kids tell me I seem happier and more laid back and where I often had an achy body, gritty/down feeling and didn’t want to face the world due to an under active thyroid, I have my coffee and now feel bright and happy to enjoy my day which is a massive positive shift!  Kim


A partial list of references:

Ganoderma and AMPK:  (liver protective)

Ganoderma and Liver and Kidney –  – pancreas and ganoderma  spore powder

  1. lucidum protects the brain against seizures. It reduced IL-1B and TNF-a, which are compounds that can cause seizures (R).  – mycellium antidepressant

mice seizures pubmed/20574924 – cancer diabetes lipids 3. diabetes, cancer cancer ,immune system immune system

(Mei-Chun et al., 2006; immunomodulatory; 9. Muller et al., 2006; Lai et al., 2010; Leskosek-

Cukalovic et al., 2010) antioxidants / antiaging? improved sleep

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 11 Nov 2014


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