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The Life Expectancy of Our Children

Two pieces of news, claiming the exact opposite, came out on the same day in the UK.

I woke up, as usual, to the sounds of classic FM, and listened to the news at 7a.m. I like classic FM news as it is short, and I figure that only the really important items will make it to the discerning ears of the classical music lover.

This is where I heard the first bit of news that interested me today and came in two parts. First was that experts are worried that this generation of children and young adults is the unhealthiest in a long time.

This is not the first time this concern has been raised – it’s been a matter of debate in the USA since about 2004, and just a few months ago Professor Mitch Blair (Consultant and Reader in Paediatrics and Child Public Health, Imperial College, London) wrote an article titled,

“Are we in danger of outliving our children?”

The classic FM news item went on to quote Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies on realising that poverty, obesity and poor mental health are damaging children’s long-term prospects. Dame Sally had even taken up the vitamin D3 band-wagon that us ‘alternative’ health practitioners have been going on about for years.

Prof Davies revealed “We know that many children, not just those in vulnerable groups, have vitamin deficiency.” Now I hope to hear the same thing being said be all GP’s.

‘Part 2’ of this news was the findings, from a major analysis of stroke around the world, published in the latest issue of The Lancet medical journal.

In the past 20 years, the number of strokes afflicting people aged 20 to 64 rose by a quarter, researchers found. Stroke Association chief executive Jon Barrick described the research as a “wake-up call to governments across the globe”.

And, for the first time, medical researchers looked into something that , once again, the ‘alternative’ world had been commenting on for years – stroke rates among children and young people aged 20 and under.

Despite low fat diets, blood pressure pills, statin drugs and aspirin 152,000 strokes occur in the UK, costing the NHS an estimated £3.7bn.

Mr Barrick said at least half could be prevented by simple lifestyle changes, such as taking more exercise. No drug can do this.

It was also pointed out that the type of stroke that is mostly on the increase is the same type that is caused by aspirin. Could drugs be the real cause of this increase?

So, to recap – in the morning all the hard evidence is coming out that the way the current system is trying to tackle chronic health problems is failing and that it looks like we may outlive our kids.

Then later the same day, a mysterious article appears that claims the complete opposite that in actual fact children born in the past 2 years will live longer than those born a few years before. What actual science this was based on was cloudy, the official source being, and I quote “according to figures.”.

In my opinion these figures where probably cooked up by some drug company puppet in an attempt to gloss over the real facts.

Not being one to bring you doom and gloom, and offer no solutions, if you want to get your kids into good shape it’s the same old story – more vegetables, more exercise, and stand up straight. A good diet, good exercise, and good posture will do more for your child than anything else.

Why listen to a chiropractor?

Because studies on chiropractors children vs medical doctors children shows the chiro kids are healthier.

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 24 Oct 2013


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