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Hello, I am Chris Pickard and I’m Director of Body in Balance in Brookmans Park, and we’re right between Hatfield and Potters Bar in Hertfordshire. And today, I would like to speak to you about spinal movement deficiency [SMD]  and spinal decay. Now what are these? Why are they important? Well, a huge proportion of the population, so over 80%, I think it’s up to 97% of the population, will at some point get back pain that’s so severe that they cannot move. It may just be for a few days, but it can last months and then it becomes repetitive. And spinal decay or spinal arthritis is rife and this is starting in young age and then it’s increasing up to 80% of 80 year olds have arthritic decay in the spine. But a significant amount of people have this younger as well.

Now just imagine your teeth decaying. Would you like your teeth to just steadily decay as you age? Would you like your teeth to start decaying at five years old, at 10 years old, at 15 years old? Yeah, this is what’s happening to the spine and it’s not just about the decay. It is about the effects of a lack of spinal motion on the brain. You see, there’s a part of the brain just here called the cerebellum and the cerebellum needs input from movement. Otherwise, it doesn’t function properly. In fact, the whole brain does not function properly if the spine is not moving properly and in fact, if you just have a general sedentary life, not only does your brain not operate, your immune system doesn’t operate as well, so it’s in your best interests to get your spine checked to see if your spine is fully functioning so that when you do exercise, you get the full benefits.

There’s a couple of simple tests you can do to see if you might be getting a problem in your spine even before you feel stiffness. Now it’s actually outlined in our leaflet here. It’s Spinal Movement Deficiency and Spinal Decay. If you’d like a copy, we can send it to you. Just contact the clinic and we can send you a PDF or just drop by in Brookmans Park and pick up a copy. But here’s the test. Okay? It’s not the only one, but it’s a simple one. Now you will need a partner. All you have to do is lie down on your back on a bed with your feet just over the end. And then get your partner or a friend to have a look to see if your feet are level. Sometimes it can be easier if you’re wearing shoes and you can just look at the heels of the shoes and say if one is protruding over the bed longer than the other one. And then if you turn over and lie on your front and just rest your head in your hands so your head is straight forward and say, “Is the same leg shorter or does it change or was it level before and now it’s different?”

And then turn your head to one side. Does it change again? Turn your head to the other side. Does it change again? If any of these problems cause your leg lengths to change just by changing position, it means there must be a problem in the processing between your brain and those muscles because the pressures and different pressures of your spine on those nerves and muscles. So it’s important to get it checked before you have a problem, but it also is an indicator of what we can do to help you. So if you would like us to check you further, if you’d like us to help you, give as a call on 01707662704 and we’d be happy for you to come in and for us to run through a few checks for you. See you all.



Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 30 Jul 2019


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