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7 Weeks To A Younger You – Overview and Week 1

In the past I have written about the exciting discovery that regular chiropractic care may well protect your DNA from ageing…and that could be very good for you.

In particular the part of DNA that seems to be important for a long and healthy life is a part called the telomere. The longer the telomere the better. The telomere is a bit like a bank account though – but one that can only be depleted not added to. Every time your cells divide the telomeres get shorter. Bad habits and bad nutrition shorten them faster. Good habits and good nutrition prevent shortening.
Chiropractic seems to be more beneficial than nutrition in this aspect of keeping well.

More about that here:

All About Spinal Health

A second strategy is to boost the amount of glutathione in your cells. Glutathione is what is known as an anti-oxidant. While you may have heard of vitamins A, C and E as anti-oxidants, glutathione may be new to you. It is not that glutathione is a new discovery – its very old. Glutathione is possibly the most important antioxidant in the body – not least because it protects telomeres from shortening. Glutathione is one of the basic substances found in all living matter – but it is unfortunately it gets broken down by digestion. The result is though that you can not take it in a direct supplement form or get it from your diet – you have to make it yourself from the raw ingredients you eat.


The best source of those raw materials is either a whey protein or a carefully crafted supplement.

More on glutathione and whey here:

Glutathione and Immunocal

So for simple anti-aging come in, get adjusted regularly and boost your glutathione.

Best of Health

Dr Chris

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 28 Jul 2010


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