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I hope I’m right, the media is wrong, and it gets sued for creating an crises.

If you are as panicked as the media about the coronavirus then go watch the ‘Chiropractic 1918 Flu Pandemic’ video by Dr. Dan Murphy I just added to our ‘How to Prevent colds & Flu’ page.

You may also be interested to know, we now stock CBG oil (similar to CBD oil) which has been shown to kill MRSA.  I’ll be sending out a separate email about that soon.

Today however, I want try and dispel some panic & fear.

Last night I posted this on my personal Facebook page, and it received quite a bit of attention, from people agreeing. Which suggests that the media is really guilty about the hype:

“Today, NOBODY in the UK died from the coronavirus, and there is widespread economic ‘headless chickenry’ and a COBRA meeting.

Meanwhile TODAY there have been 207 deaths from medical errors. In the UK.

192 people died in the UK today from poor dietary choices aka – diabetes.

2,191 people have died today in Europe from air pollution.

It would be great to see some effort and education where it counts.

While ‘washing your hands’ is a huge step towards preventing the spread of disease, educating people on why they should eat more fruit and veg, especially local, and get more exercise would help not just the corona-mania, but also diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and pollution.

And then maybe adding in some advice like – get some sunshine, and get your D3 and omega 3 profiles checked with a simple blood test. Then supplement if required.

The media is really missing a chance to do a lot of good here.”

In the Facebook post I mentioned getting your D3 and Omega 3 levels checked.  Both these ‘3s’ are critical to a healthy immune response, and while D3 blood tests are common, omega 3 tests are not.  This puzzled me.

Adequate omega 3 levels are not only related to immune health, but also to brain health and heart health.

Indeed Your omega-3 index has a greater impact on risk of heart disease than does your cholesterol level!

The right omega 3 oils also improve blood pressure, reduce inflammation and help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

One of this year’s big trends is veganism, which while I applaud everyone’s increased uptake of plant foods, it does have a number of nutritional drawbacks unless you really know what you are doing. One of them is that plant-based omega-3 (ALA) is converted in restricted amounts to the forms you find in animals (EPA and DHA), but not in large enough amounts to support your brain and heart health.

For this reason, if you are a veggie or a vegan, or anyone who eats fish less than 3 x week , it’s worth getting an Omega 3 ‘fatty acid profile’ test.

It’s not yet common practice in GP surgeries, but you can go and ask.

If you can’t wait, or they won’t do it, then you can get an easy to do test sent direct to you, from one of the labs I use:

Balance Your Omega-3s and Omega-6s


So to recap:

  • it seems that the media and the government want us all to panic about something that most people realise is trivial compared to other issues
  • a recent ‘healthy’ trend may be lowering immunity in some people
  • you can get checked for Omega 3 levels
  • and you can get your spine adjusted to boost immunity (it was in the video I told you about at the start)

I hope you enjoyed today’s email.

Let me know what you think about the coronavirus ‘hype or help’.

Be Well

Chris ‘Omega 3’ Pickard
01707 662 704


Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Wellness Coaching

Published on 3 Mar 2020


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