Well recently the GCC (General Chiropractic Council) made what I thought was a blatant disregard of all the facts. I’ve always been concerned about the direction the GCC was taking the chiropractic profession in the UK, because in my opinion the GCC is more likely to destroy the profession rather than protect the public.

It is my opinion that those in the GCC have little IDEA of what happens in a chiropractic clinic, and have little or no understanding of how a chiropractic adjustments works or the principles of chiropractic and should all be forced to read and attend a number of lectures on these subjects.

I refer them for instance to my summery of Dr James Chestnuts work and other theories, – All About Chiropractic

I also now ask all the GCC, BCA and other chiropractic bodies in the UK to read the following articles and comments:

Dr Kent’s brief comment on the GCC’s latest

Dr Kent’s Full Response (I hope they’ve read it)

Happy reading.

Dr Chris
The Pain Relief Centres – Home of Natural Pain Relief

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 1 Jul 2010


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