How To Live To 100

You may not know this, but I have spent well over £30,000 educating myself about health and wellness.

Every year I spend more. In fact, it’s about £200 a month in various subscriptions alone. Now of course I benefit from this knowledge, as do my family and friends, but so do you – at a fraction of the cost!

Now however, I’ve got lucky.

Recently I had the good fortune to meet, and then go into business with Pete Cohen, and we are putting on an evening seminar at Potters bar Golf Club, 2nd July, 7-9.30pm.

Pete used to appear on morning TV, he was Arsenal’s sports psychologist in 2003-4 – the year they where unbeaten! And that’s just 2 of his claims to fame. A third is he is “The Weight Loss Guru”.

Between the pair of us, there is an awful lot we can teach you on how to become, and stay, healthy and well.

Pete usually gets paid thousands to talk, but, because we are teaming up, all he is asking is that the cost of the room hire is covered, and he has a chance to share our new business with you. Fair enough?

Our chief aim is to teach you simple, easy routines that will enhance your life with the minimum of effort, with maximum results.

Watch the video to learn a little more…

You can get your ticket by clicking here – Click Here!

Dr Chris Pickard

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